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  1. Ahhhh I had no idea about the days off, thanks so much. I was only giving players a day off after a match and because the U23s were playing much fewer games they ended up with barely any days off. Will i have to manually pick the rest days every 4 weeks or can i set it up so they follow the same rolling rota?
  2. A couple of questions regarding youth team coaching. I have both youth teams copy my senior teams training schedules but every player i put in my U23s complains about the training workload. When i check them they all have 'Very Heavy' as there individual training workload even when they have no additional focus, no trait being learned and only 'Average' intensity level. I have no idea why this is happening, anyone have an idea if i have missed something? Because of this I've put all of these players in my senior team and just make them available to play for the U23s. Will this have a negative impact on there development or is senior/youth training only different based on the ability of the respective coaches?
  3. Yes i acknowledged this in my previous post, I was explaining to the other post of what the term meant in this instance. Good points, especially on starting players on minor injuries, that seems to happen pretty regularly. On the subject of AI team selection, the Premier League U23 teams competing in the Checkatrade trophy always seem to take the competition far more seriously than they do in real life. They'll always use up there allocation of over 23 players starting rather than just use it to build up fitness.
  4. A very fair explanation that i didn't think about. Perhaps not rubber banding then but pretty much every season i do, no matter whether I'm going for the title/play-offs/europe/avoid relegation, the 1 or 2 direct challengers I'm against will seem to match me step-for-step months on end, then come the last 5-10 games they will collapse and fall miles away. The latest example being the team in 2nd going 11W 2D 0L but then on the way to ending the season with 2W 4D 6L and getting caught by teams they were 10-15pts clear of. Obviously dramatic collapses can happen IRL but every season this seems to occur in the league im in. I meant it in the sense that games will only let people do so well before trying to bring the pack closer together. Like the poster above mentioned, racing games are a good example.
  5. Put about 40hours into FM18 now and it's easily my least favorite edition. The new features add nothing. The squad dynamics are barely noticeable and the scouting change just makes finding players more of a chore. The UI has took a huge step back, most noticeably on the scouting/transfer pages where a list of 10 players can barely fit on a full screen. The match UI is also terrible, where are the options to change the view to see a mix of stats/match/results etc.? Navigating through menus just to find the analysis page is a puts me off even wanting to bother with it. Just lots of small wastes of time all add up to making the whole process an annoyance. Why do team talks now take 3/4 clicks to get through? Also the settings i applied in the overall preferences for the match view (Camera, Replays etc.) seem to be ignored every time i start a new game. How many years do we have to put up with the same inane set of questions in press conferences and journalists asking the same 1 over and over when you try to ignore it. The amount of missed chances are incredibly annoying. After 35 games into a season I'm averaging 3.49CCC 4.06HCC 3.06Goals P/G. Compared to me conceding 0.77CCC 1.29HCC 0.83Goals. Now the difference in goals per chance is clear between for/against but on top of that i have one of the better GK's in the division and my Strikers attributes, when compared to the league average, are top 5 in every key stats with regards to scoring/shooting. There also seems to be rubber-banding with regards to the main league challengers. No matter how well your team can be doing, even record breakingly good, the teams chasing you will always stay right on your coattails up to the last 5-6 games of the season. The same applies to goals scored by teams and players. For example my ST is the top scorer in L2 at the minute with 25Goals in after 35Games. There are 9 other players in the league with 20+goals. Now when looking at the L1 top scorer, he is on 15Goals at the same stage with no-one else managing over 12. The Championship is also similar with the top scorer on 19 and the next best on 14. Yet once I'm promoted the top scores in my new league will have plenty of high scorers and the league i came from will have a massive drop-off. Then on the goals per team basis, the top scoring teams in L1 have around 65-70 goals for the season before yet once I'm in league 1, 8-10 teams will all score over this total. When i was in L2, 12 teams all scored more goals than the top scoring team in L1 in the same season! It feels like i could go on and on but this is already long enough. Overall it's very disappointing and if anyone was on the fence about getting FM18 i'd just stick to an older version and find a data update.
  6. I'm playing with 3 CBS set up as: CB-D CB-C CB-D I'm not sure which of the roles best suits my slowest CB. I think I'm right in saying the important stats for a Cover-CB compared to Defend-CB are Anticipation, Positioning and Acceleration. My choices at CB have the following in each of those stats: Anticipation Positioning Acceleration #1 14 14 8 (Best Defender Overall) #2 12 12 11 #3 13 14 12 #4 14 14 11 (Worst Defender Overall) Any idea on who I should place where? Defender #1 is quite a bit better than the other 3, who are roughly equal to each other.
  7. Nice to see someone with a Coventry save. I've been playing a while and am just going into my 5th Season with them. Season 1: 1st in L1. Didn't make too many changes, brought in Kosnic on a free plus Milinkovic-Savic and Iheanacho on loan with all 3 of them still with me going into Season 5. Season 2: 21st in the Championship. Struggled mightily here, only managing to stay up on the last game of the season. Used all my funds on signing Giandonato + Vass and Parr on a free. A few more loans but no one special. Season 3: 3rd in the Championship, Lost 1-0agg to Burnley in the Play-off Semi-Final. Got given a decent budget this season and bought in a few quality players. RB Patric from Lazio for £2m and RW Robert from Valencia for £1.2m being the two stand-outs. They finished with a 7.90 and 7.58 match rating respectively, Robert ended up with 15Goals + 11Assists. Season 4: 1st in the Championship. Only just managed to pip Reading to the title, winning it by 3 points in the end. Didn't have any budget at first but clubs came in for most of my top performers and activated there release clauses so I ended up bringing in £22m from sales. Brought in a lot of young players with this and overall the squad improved from it. Here's the squad about to go into the 5th season. Only 5 of the original team remain and with 3 of them due to leave on frees, only Maddison + Fleck will be left. They've given me £20m to spend this season and I'd imagine I'll need to make major changes, particularly to the defense, to stand any chance of staying up this season.
  8. Can't decide which of these two to get. Both are showing as the same Potential and there's only about £1m in price difference. I play 1 upfront in a 4-3-3.
  9. Not sure how many of these have already been mentioned but here's a few small things I've noticed: - 2/4 of the team POTY awards have gone to players who have played 15(0) & 19(4) games. Neither were to highest rated player that season too. - I signed a 17yo as a 'Hot Prospect' then around 10-15 games into his first season he complained about a lack of starts. I started him more often after and once that satisfied him he demanded a new contract as he was playing more than a 'Hot Prospect' is expected to. - I asked for a feeder club and the board let me choose, when I went to view the list no clubs appeared and I had a full inbox all saying the board decided against it. - Players who are listed by request get annoyed when I reject offers equal to market value even though I've told them I'll only sell for a fair price, and they've agreed. - After defending a set piece that's cleared into the middle of the pitch, the team will bunch up in the middle of the pitch and make no attempt to get back into shape or mark any opponents who have gone wide. - Players will slow down to almost walking pace when going after a loose ball, usually allowing an opponent to to get close enough to pressure and make them rush the pass. - I have a player with 18 for Long Throws and the PPM 'Possesses Flat Bullet Throw' and yet every single throw still fails to reach the closest teammate in the box. He either needs to put more on it or the players in the box need to move closer to him. - This one I'm not sure if im just missing where it's shown. When a player is listed as 'Either' footed, I can't seem to find out what's his dominant foot is i.e. the one he uses on set plays.
  10. This is a picture moments before the player in possession gets tackled and the ball knocked out for a throw in. I've labelled each players position and as you can see its a fairly good shape they have, nothing out of the ordinary. Then here is how my team decided to setup as the opponents were about to take there throw in... Again i've labelled each players position and for some unknown reason half the team has just decided to completely lose shape merely seconds after the 1st picture. I've no idea what the players in the highlighted area are doing. The RB has gone into the LB position yet doesn't even mark the opponent in his space The LB has gone into a CB/DM area The DM has ended up the deepest player Both CBs and the DM are all marking 1 opponent in the area Inevitably this led to another late equalizer, very frustrating to say the least.
  11. Racing Santander? In the 3rd Division in Spain and a squad that should easily win the league without needing to sign anyone and should even challenge for back to back promotions. Good facilities, a few young players who can start straight away and I've had a few decent regens from the academy already. Finances isn't great but the board usually inject some cash to keep things going or you could sell off one or of your high value players.
  12. I didnt have many ST's last season so I played a 4-2-3-1 formation with the roles as; AMR - IF(A) AMC - T(A) AML - W (A) ST - CF(S) This was with this guy leading the line: I signed a few Regen ST's in pre-season and I've changed to more of a 4-2-4 formation; AMR - IF(A) AML - W (A) ST ST This is the guy who im looking to partner him with: Im not sure which Roles each of them should be set as though, any advice would be appreciated. Also, any tips of which PPM's they should each have?
  13. Not long into my debut PL season, finding it tough so far. Started off scoring just 2 goals in the opening 7 games, 1 a penalty, another a corner Picking up a little now and just gone 5 points clear of the relegation zone. After getting destroyed 5-1 in the previous game @ Chelsea, i decided to rest most of my players Vs Man City and just hope the lose doesn't ruin my GD too much more. Bit of an upset. Absolutely brilliant performance, somewhat of a snatch and grab But they never really looked liked scoring, pretty much every shot was a long range effort or headers off a set piece. I even managed the better oppurtunites and should have probably streched the lead if anything. Passing and Possession stats were ridiculous, they had 71% possession and my team completed a total of 212 passes between them. In comparison Goretzka for City had 174 on his own!!
  14. Thanks for the replies. I've not heard of PPA before, whats the difference between this and regular PA?
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