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  1. You can either wait for the PGE to be released. Or ask Dec over at Vibe as they have already released a logo pack
  2. I have had the opposite experience.. - Started off at Antwerp, where I got sacked after a month for applying for 2 jobs (oops). - Got a job at Real Valladolid, 1st season promoted to BBVA, 2nd season, won BBVA, won Spanish cup. - Went for the Roma job (AVB sacked) and got it. 1st Season, won Serie A, CL, Italian Cup (by this time I am classed as World Class Rep), Man City, Dortmund and Athletico all have offered me interviews, each time the Roma board ask me to say and I request a new contract...currently on 22k, and all they offer me is 24k without budging, i have 300m in the bank, way under wage budget...I have Back Up players and one or two really hot prospects on more than me... - 2nd season with Roma won the Quad (world club cup etc) and still all they'd offer me is £24k... I find it hard to believe that a top Serie A manager is on £22k..
  3. Nope...its "Handheld" so only for Android/iOS
  4. SI are aware that there are issues with users who upgraded from iCloud to iCloud Drive. See here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/397381-iOS-8-Advisory-If-you-use-iCloud-saves-don-t-upgrade-to-iCloud-drive If your saves are on your iPad you can transfer then across, you will need to use iTunes to copy the saves off the iPad and then back onto the iPhone.
  5. Please note. This is unofficial and SI do not endorse or support! Update!! Version 5.04 deals with the bugs surrounding releasing teams and swapping players. This supersedes version (version .10 was never publicly released). If you do come across an issue please post. Video Tutorials (for the previous version but covers most things) here: http://fmhvibe.co.uk/community/topic/19657-tutorial-fmh-2014-pre-editor/ Written Tutorial here: http://fmhvibe.co.uk/community/topic/19797-video-tutorial-fmh-2014-pre-editor-tutorial-list/ What's changed/new: - Fixed Release Squad bug. - Fixed Remove Loans when releasing Squad. - Added integrity check to checks of duplicates. - Added new Player and Staff filters. - Added International Retirements - beta. Some of the cool features: - Create brand new clubs from scratch. - Create stadiums. - Create new Cities. - Create brand new players. - Player Loans. - B Teams. - Promotions/Relegations. - Player/Staff/Club/Competition Attributes Editing - Plus loads more. Note MAY HAVE TO RUN IN ADMIN MODE IF YOU GET A SHELL ERROR. - Player attributes are still incorrectly displayed as per FMH13 SE. I haven't solved the algorithm. Sorry! - Editing Finances will not be available due to respecting SI's business model. - This will be for Android only. iOS user do not have access to the base files on standard devices, I do not support JB. - .NET4.0FULL is required for this to work. ​ Download Here - Selection of Screen shots Thanks - jaymavels
  6. Hmm...how did you manage to do that I wonder :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  7. I'll come clean Alari...I haven't tried it on my tablet since the update, only my phone, much easier to test what I do on my phone ..I'll give it a look tonight.
  8. - Allow Android version to re-orientate when switching between both possible landscape modes. - More support for different android resolutions, e.g my tablet has a 1920*1200 res so either I have to played "stretched" and it pixelates, or non-zommed and its small. - Provide me with finer save file structure - you know you want to!
  9. Unfortunately the unofficial 2013 save editor cannot add new players, it can change current players names to what you want, as long as those names exist within the save file.
  10. I'm guessing you're talking about the PSP emulator... Using a PSP emulator is against SONY's policy. As far as Sony goes, tampering with the firmware (which is basically how emulation is done) is against the EULA of the PSP software and therefore illegal in the eyes of Sony. Unless you own the game, own a PSP and are running it on said device then I think you won;t get much help here. If you're not talking about the PSP emulator - forgive me.
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