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  1. Of course they should add support for 4K if they can, why the hell not?
  2. I also remember Emile Heskey punching the referee in one of my CM3 saves Do these things still exist for regens (I know they've been removed for real player, for legal reasons)?
  3. Holy thread revival, Batman! Also, my current takeover meant that the new owner put the club (Man Utd) in ever more debt -.- For months, he's been trying and failing, with the current owner telling me that he rejected the takeover offer because the future owner didn't have enough money, but that he will probably try again soon. And waddya know, we're now in debt for the next 50+ years. I also almost got fired, but managed to stay after kissing the new owner's behind in all the press conferences
  4. Well, something is happening, and I also think that which leagues I choose should have such a large impact in the long run. Is that possible to solve somehow? But yes, it looks like the issue is deeper than just English player ratings, and probably also involves coaches and everything else in the game.
  5. I can't comment on other points, but the first one - about not being able to even offer a contract - is a very realistic situation to have and I don't think SI should change that. As someone whose work also includes bringing new people to the company, I can testify that a lot of people don't even want to listen to your offer, let alone discuss it.
  6. I disagree, and I think the "overratedness" in the game reflects that in real life. I see now that Gareth Southgate is being listed as a potential replacement for Hodgson. Really, Gareth Southgate? What's he ever done? And Shearer on the BBC commentating that he would take the job if he was offered What the hell makes him think he is a manager fit to run a national team Jeebus, I love England, but you peeps need to wake up, so that you can actually move forward.
  7. I couldn't agree more, England usually wins the EUROs and the World Cup, and Tottenham takes the Champions League. It's very annoying, especially as the current England squad is a bunch of virtual unknowns (apart from Rooney maybe, who was once almost a world-class player, but is now way past his prime). There's a reason why no foreign clubs want to sign English players, people. They're nowhere near as good as you think they are, and the likes of Rose, Smalling, Walker, Sterling, Dier, Lallana, Sturridge, Kane, Vardy... Will never win anything. They're simply not that good.
  8. This is my biggest issue with FM - that any mistakes that happen look like this, forced and terribly unrealistic. Unless this was some sort of a bug.
  9. Cool! I haven't yet had that happen to me, but from what I saw in the replies, it works exactly as it should
  10. Do staff follow their favorite staff to other clubs? E.g. would an assistant manager follow their manager to the next club? I ask because a few scouts and coaches wouldn't sign for me because of their relationship with the manager, but, for instance, when I start a new save and take over a club, all of the old staff stays and never follow the previous manager. In other words, can it happen that I take over a club and then the coaching staff decide to leave, because they liked working for the previous manager? Does a relationship between me and my staff exist in the game, or is it just between me and the players?
  11. The search results aren't cached, that's how it has to be. Every time you go to that screen, the search is performed again. Maybe SI can do something about it, e.g. have the search perform only when you click the button, and the screen then always display the cached results of the previous search every time you visit it.
  12. Hmm, ok, but how does the AI behave? I'm guessing it relies on my CCCs to play more or less defensively? Or does that not have any influence on AI's decisions? And should I also ignore the AI's CCCs?
  13. Could it have something to do with 2D/3D animations of the match engine? How accurate is that thing, anyway (the display engine)?
  14. I get it that there can be a whole discussion on what a clear cut chance is, but my point is, to enjoy the game, just accept them as they are and don't analyze if what FM says was a CCC would also be a CCC in real life, and vice versa. Bottom line is that, IMHO, you should always go after a tactic that creates what FM thinks are CCCs, not what you think are As for the transfer rumors, I think it was actually someone from SI stating that, years ago.
  15. This will probably be a tricky one, but I don't think it actually matters. What matters is, IMHO, that whatever it is, the game recognizes it as a goal scoring chance (same for half-chances). In other words, in the game universe, it was a chance, and you should treat it as such. In fact, I think this applies to a broader picture in the game, which (I think) often gives you hints about many things - e.g. I pay attention to media speculation about my next player signing, or perhaps about what other managers think about my "weak links". I might be seeing things, but - especially in the future player signing speculation part - the game is trying to tell you who will fit in well with your club. Basically, you need to think inside the game's universe, not the real one (or your own one). It's not always perfect, but I think that's the way to go and to really enjoy the game.
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