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  1. i love a bit of dot detail. However you are for making its current incarnation in FM09 EVEN better right?
  2. Create your own Manager profile. So instead of your manager attributes starting at a set level, you should have the option of setting your own. Also, I'd like to be allowed to have more then one favoured club and also allow me to set what languages i speak instead of assuming solely based on nationality
  3. Ingame injuries can be (and are) directly linked to training intensity. This also takes into account a players susceptability to injury. Their are other factors that and i could discuss in great detail - but to keep it short and a general hard and fast rule The heavier the schedule, the higher the likelyhood of an ingame injury (as a basic rule) Try to maintain a balanced schedule with the intensity slider always sitting in the meduim range. Players already prone to injury and still training heavily will suffer more freqeuntly obviously. There are obvious exceptions to this rule however - like a freak injury. Think of it like this... If YOU were training heavily, day in, day out, without a rest - you would not go into a game 100%. You would be aching and tired from the hectic training schdule during the week. You would tire in the game more quickly then a balanced trained and rested player. You wouldnt last as long as a balanced trained player (all fitness stats being equal). As we all know, fatigue lends itself to injury - ingame and IRL.
  4. Mark, at what level is the OVERALL intensity of each schedule set during pre-season/season - does it the workload alter? Can you post each level please
  5. 1) You point and shout at your laptop and tell the player on the ball where the next pass needs to go! 2) When defending you do the same - point and shout about who a player needs to be marking! 3) In the shower you have imaginary after match analysis in your head of how your team played and listen to what the 'pundits' are saying about your team. You then do an after match interview in your head. 4) You cant sleep at night because you're analyzing your tactics for the last game and wonder what adjustments you need to make. 5) You cant sleep because you're going through all potential signings and wonder how much you'll need to offer them if the transer request is accpeted 6) Still cant sleep because your biggest transfer target turned you down and you need to have a complete re-think of how your squad is now going to look 7) Realising you may never sleep again because you cant propose a new tactic because you havent got the players in you need yet 8) You havent been outside (except to go to work) for ages 9) You buy a £600 laptop just to play FM09 10) Worktime is just an excuse to use the offices internet to lurk these forums
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