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  1. this is not meant to be comical.. but it's true and I think ALL of you can relate: You know youre addicted to FM when.. towards the end of a soul crushing 20 hour marathon you can't get your tactics right.. say you forgot to untick Diarra's free role when starting a different CM and only realized you were playing a guy who is horrible at free role at free role for 65 minutes until you sub him out.. that is when you know your game has gotten real real sloppy.. or having a striker set to often long shot when hes at 9 long shot because the guy who normally starts is a 20 and your eyes were so blinded and blood shot you didnt notice that.. i call it the jitters.. you know that early morning vibe where you know your entire body is wrecked but you can't go to sleep?? the jitters man.. only FM has led me to drink coffee at 1 am in the morning.. FM has made me do a lot of strange things.. the one that really made me laugh are the ones about imaginary press conferences.. giving press conferences to yourself with no one around and giving the reporters names?? that guy made me laugh out loud tonight.. thanks for that buddy.. you named your imaginary reporter Garth?? ROFL!!!!!!! ----------------------------- "You know your addicted to FM when your gf (mine is long gone) complains about your sexual performance and you claim: 'your so stupid! i'm playing away at your bed on a narrow pitch! this right here is meant for direct passing attacking the flanks on max dimensions! my team can't just adjust to short passing low tempo play on a narrow pitches on the fly!' "
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