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  1. I have to resign from the game, I will be away for a while. Thanks Toon. You've been a gread "Master" Take care people!
  2. Sunderland Press Release After this first season the Sunderland board wanted a new approach at the management of the club. The signing of Jürgen Klopp shows the ambition towards the future of the owners of the club. Along with him the Sunderland board is happy to announce the singings of the former Barcelona youngster Andreu Fontàs, the 20 years old right back Mario Gaspar from Villarreal, the Brazilian left back Gabriel Silva from Palmeiras and the Moroccan international Younès Belhanda from Montpellier. The owners hope that with these acquisitions and the ones that the manager can do after selling some players the team will be able to fight for a European spot next season.
  3. ok! Then I sent you the managers again. cheers
  4. Don't say Campbell anymore, welcome to the "Yorkshire Messi"! BTW, Toon, I assume that I sent you the PM off time.
  5. I'm sure Uncle Scrooge will search a manager! Dave, how that it works, I send you a PM with the new manager name or I have to wait for my turn?
  6. Yes! Some playing and lots of goals! Charlesbeam, is Andorra getting any good in the classifications?
  7. Hey! Don't talk this way about the great nation of Andorra! Oleguer won't be happy...
  8. Name: GG Donovan Nickname: D.O.B: 29/12/92 Nationality (2nd Optional): Andorra Foot: Right Height: 1.82 m Weight: 80 kg 3 Attributes to be set at 20: Finishing, Free kicks, Composture
  9. Well Oleguer is finally playing some games. I hope to go on a loan because is too difficult play in Barcelona... ;(
  10. Can you give me a suggestion about the leagues to load? I have a good pc.
  11. It's incredible! Oleguer got another injury! Charlesbeams, can you tell me his injury proness?
  12. I'm in. Sunderland isn't my fav team but well I'll just keep it
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