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  1. Yes! Some playing and lots of goals! Charlesbeam, is Andorra getting any good in the classifications?
  2. Hey! Don't talk this way about the great nation of Andorra! Oleguer won't be happy...
  3. Well Oleguer is finally playing some games. I hope to go on a loan because is too difficult play in Barcelona... ;(
  4. It's incredible! Oleguer got another injury! Charlesbeams, can you tell me his injury proness?
  5. Sad to see that... well then, see you in the new one
  6. Injuries, injuries, and more injuries... Things aren't right... ;(
  7. Charlesbeams i think you forgot to add one goal to Oleguer in the chart based in your recap. Excellent job with the sign up
  8. Who is my manager now? I thought Vilas Boas used a 433.
  9. Toon, who is the player you hidded on the Sunderland screen? Also, I don't know who is Peter Bello, could you send me a screen to know if I want to keep him? Thanks
  10. Mmmm... nice... thanks for the info Toon. Who the board put instead of him? Can you send me some managers profiles? thanks
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