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  1. Sad to see that... well then, see you in the new one
  2. Who is my manager now? I thought Vilas Boas used a 433.
  3. Toon, who is the player you hidded on the Sunderland screen? Also, I don't know who is Peter Bello, could you send me a screen to know if I want to keep him? Thanks
  4. Mmmm... nice... thanks for the info Toon. Who the board put instead of him? Can you send me some managers profiles? thanks
  5. Can I have Matip and Paulo Henrique back please? Thanks
  6. Following the departure of Diego Simeone to Chelsea after 4 years as managera at the Stadium of Light, the Sunderland board is happy to announce that the classy french Laurent Blanc will be in charge of the Black Cats the next season. Bienvenue Monsieur Blanc!
  7. wow... then a low profile manager will do. Guardiola and Mourinho available? I will send you a PM. Cheers
  8. Well, that was a surprise... Nevermind, put Bielsa instead
  9. What??? Simeone is my manager! Show me the money.
  10. well... We lost to the 4 top teams we played... :S we'll need to win that games if we want to be up there...
  11. Please toon put paulo Enrique back on ny team.
  12. Great... paulo enrique sold... I don't get when you put the trasfers back toon. Also I just signed Forestieri in this transfer window... and now is gone...
  13. Damm! I've been too conservative this time... Congratulations Villa but I hope I didn't do wrong by signing Dzeko instead of Miranda...
  14. Well, I think they won't be the same since your manager will still sign and sell players. It's not a great issue, though.
  15. Toon, would be possible to have a look at our squads before the start of the season just to send some players on a loan? Thanks
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