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  1. FM is totally realistic

    I approve of this post.
  2. Are You Enjoying FM2011?

    What he said. Happy now and will be even happier when its patched.
  3. What annoys you the most?

    This only makes sense if said player is continuously scoring such goals even though his Long Shots is 7 or 8. If he just does it now and again then its totaly realistic. Plenty of players irl who are not considered to be masters of the long shot score the odd wonder strike in their time.
  4. This would never happen!!!

    I love how these threads have to be so black and white. People only read what they want to read and dont actualy see what people are posting. Is this transfer pretty unrealistic - yes. Is this transfer totaly ridiculous and game breaking - no. Is this transfer happening in every save - no. I dont see anyone trying to suggest there isnt a problem with the transfer system - wage demands being another problem. Its the scale of the problem that I take issue with. If its breaking your game experience then that a real shame. As I say I can only accurately comment on my current save.
  5. This would never happen!!!

    Well I wish I got offered the best player in the world for nothing. Atm in my 3rd season I have to pay through the nose and the wages aske are insane (that another issue right there). I am not denying the problem I am merely denying the severity of the issue. Also what some of us are stating is that transfers of major players between rivals is uncommmon but not unheard of - and as such you would expect it to happen at least a few times in the millions of saves being played right now.
  6. This would never happen!!!

    Yes the game is meant to be realistic but as soon as you press "continue" it becomes an alternative reality. The game would be very boring if it panned out exactly like real life. Don't get me wrong - the transfer issue with FM11 has some problems and often appears to be causing highly dubious transfers and fees but its not ruining the game and I am sure it will recieve a tweak. For some of us it hasnt appeared at all.
  7. This would never happen!!!

    I might be mistaken but is there currently a way to express this set of circumstance in the game? Surely it will just be represented to the best of the games ability. Please let me know what the press release / in game mail etc could have read instead?
  8. This would never happen!!!

    Luis Figo was the "best" and one of the expensive player in the world at the time. Is this transfer unlikely and the circumstances badly implemented - yes. Is it totaly beyond the realms of possibilty - no. Other famous transfers include Laudrup and Schuster. I have no idea about transfers of lesser known players. Some people, seriously.
  9. This made me laugh - at least I can play FM.
  10. Pre-determined results

    <Looks for his facepalm button>
  11. Who are you?

    Arsenal League Cup in the Trophy room FA Cup Final and CL Final coming up 2nd in EPL by 1 point to Manure with 3 games to go.
  12. Fm10 > fm11

    This. Apparently that isn't enough letters.....
  13. [Released] Bleue Skin For Fm11

    That is a known bug and nothing to do with his skin.
  14. Same from Hughs - Arsenal 4- Fulham 0 - some bad triggers for that AI response I guess.
  15. Failure to punish people for getting red cards is the usual culprit for this.