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  1. Hall of Fame ranking system

    There's also minor and major international tournaments, which I can't tell. I think it's 200 for the world cup, but I don't know about the Euro's.
  2. Hi all. Sorry to be a nuisance but can anyone tell me how many Hall Of Fame points are dished out for each competition, or where to find them?
  3. Free Kicks

    Mind you, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo manages to get away with hitting the wall or the crowd most of the time by smacking the occasional kick into the net.
  4. Free Kicks

    This isn't new - I have 2009, and the amount of people with 19/20 for free-kicks who belt them straight into the wall or miles over, compared with the amount of people with 13/14 for free-kicks who place them expertly into the top corner, is completely ludicrous. You'd think that SI would have worked out by now that generally the better you are at something, the more successful you are at it.
  5. I should have said earlier actually - this is on FM09, so I don't think there's a tactics advisor system. The strike force for this match, I have a choice of Charisteas, Gekas, Amanatadis, Ninis, Papazoglou, and Samaras. The problem for me is not keeping possession; it's that when we lose the ball it's really cheaply, that though we have lots of possession (around 60% or more) we don't do anything with it, and that their goals are either really soft stuff, like beating my massive centre-backs in headers when the striker is around 5'9", or the goal is a 35-yard piledriver into the top corner from a standing position. What usually happens is we score first with a well-worked goal, then stop trying to score and let them into the match. Do I need to change the mentality after scoring to more attacking, or what?
  6. Spyropoulos is injured, out for a month. I had to call up the next best guy, and Tzorbatzakis is that guy!
  7. I have used mixed tactics during my reign, but always geared towards keeping possession as much as possible. Swift counter attacks, slow build-up, all have made appearances for me. However, I have tried to stick with slow play, and suddenly we have little penetration in attack when before no team could withstand the might of Angelos Charisteas and Theofanis Gekas; our defence is appalling when before it was steadfast; and we end up playing ridiculous long-balls that never find their target (often they're played with no-one as a target). Here's a jpeg of the team tactics: Unfortunately I can't get it to display on this forum, so sorry. As you can see I play with three centre-backs (one with zonal marking), two full-backs or wing-backs, three central-midfielders (one defensively-minded and on zonal marking), and two up front. The tactics are meant to keep the ball and keep the ball on the deck, but my team, goalkeeper in particular (and I have put "defender distribute") keep hoofing it long when there are good alternatives, we lose the ball, and keep conceding soft goals. Any help from tactics people would be much appreciated.
  8. I am the Greece national team manager. The entire tactical premise during my reign has been short, slow passing and careful build-up, like an Italy or Fulham but without the creative ability to do the unexpected. During the Euro qualifying and any friendlies this paid dividends, as we dominated possession and could dictate the tempo to our liking. However, during the actual competition our play completely broke down: basic passes, the sort junior footballers starting out have no problem with, were abysmal; the goalkeeper kept ignoring my orders to play the ball short to defenders and instead hoofed it upfield to their defenders for them to keep and start attacks anew; my defenders repeatedly, under no pressure whatsoever, kicked the ball into touch; my strikers couldn't hit the side of a barn; the opposition repeatedly would pass the ball to completely unmarked strikers (even if they were lone strikers, and I play 3 at the back) to smack into the net. We're now playing a friendly against Turkey (listed as "fierce rival") before some world cup qualifiers, and once again our play has deteriorated massively - a midfielder can stand in the middle of the pitch, see five Greece players to whom he can pass, and always chooses the only one being marked or who has an opposition player in front of him; the team repeatedly chooses to play long-balls. Sorry about the long post, but I'm at my wits end - what can I do to get my players to even try and play football the way they're supposed to? No team talk works, no team selection changes work, and if I try to change my tactical setup it doesn't work either. Any ideas?
  9. Unrealistic goals scored

    Yeah, I was winning the Euro Championship final 2-1 in the 89th minute as Greece against the Czech Republic. The ball is played forward to one of their strikers, currently being marked by Papastathopoulos. My second centre back, Papadopoulos, currently marking their other forward (the only other opposition player within 30 yards of our goal) by himself decides to sprint the twenty or so yards across to tackle the forward with the ball who already has a player challenging him to challenge him too. Obviously the striker passes it to his partner, who scores. Grr.
  10. I'm the Greece national team manager, and my players repeatedly, upon getting the ball passed to them, turn around and let it bounce off their heels. Nothing tactical about this is there? Just incompetence on the part of the match engine? I mean once or twice is fair enough; but multiple times during the same match is just ridiculous. How often do you see it happen in a real match? The only time I can recall it happening is in that Tottenham 4-4 Chelsea match when Robbie Keane scored that wondergoal in the last five minutes after the ball hit Ricardo Carvalho's back.
  11. Yeah I'll probably do that, I've tried "disappointed" before (to great effect - the guy scored twice and set up a third), it's just a little annoying that's all. Thanks for replying to the thread days after I posted it!
  12. Oh yeah, and I am not allowed to finish the match without at least one injury. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating, EVERY time I attempt this match I have an injury.
  13. This is on Football Manager 2009, just to start off. I am playing as Greece against Poland in the 2012 Euros, which are joint-hosted by Poland and Switzerland. The match is the third and final match in the group where we both are assured of going through to the quarter finals - this match is purely to decide who is first and who is second in the group (Poland leading by 3+ goal difference to my 2+). The tactics I have used during my entire two year reign as Greece manager are a 3-man central defence (one man on zonal marking, other two man marking to stop the strikers), 2 wing-backs, 3 central midfielders (again one with zonal marking and very defensive mentality and little forward running, other two man marking), and two strikers; short, quick passing, the first slot on the slider where it says "wide", only two-three clicks above "normal" mentality, normal tackling, a deeper than normal defensive line, and normal creative freedom. These tactics have worked wonders throughout the qualifying campaign and friendlies, although I tweaked them slightly for the Portugal group game to a slower tempo in order to conserve possession (we won 2-1, second half was just Portugal camped in our half!). Basically what I am saying is that these tactics are tried, tested and proven to work for our team. My problem is that in this (effectively dead-rubber) game, the team has suddenly fallen to pieces, with poor passing, little attacking threat, and repeated defensive mix-ups, slack (or even just total lack of) marking. I would prefer to win this game but am not too bothered about drawing - I just don't want a loss to make us lose focus or morale. But no matter how I've changed the tactics - direct/shorter passing, slow/fast tempo, more attacking, etc - my team is determined to not win. I've also changed team talks, but nothing has any effect - even if we do take the lead, I can guarantee that within literally minutes Poland will hit back either with a 30-yard volleyed thunderbolt into the top corner (I'm not even joking, the amount of times it has happened is laughable), or with an own-goal in everything but name only. Sorry if I've bored you but I'm just totally lost as to what I can do. We are 6-4 favourites to win the match, we are 9th in the world rankings compared to their 62nd, and everyone in the media was talking about possible complacency on our part rather than their having any real attacking threat. What can I do?
  14. Hi everyone Just a quick query: roughly how long do you have to wait until you can choose the club you want to become affilated with? Cheers