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  1. Great OP Fabio, has helped alot so far...ive just got through the pre-season and am 2 games into competitive action. Will try and post some screenshots up at some point. Fabio - how come you had such a massive clear out of staff anfter the first season, did that many really not impress you? Are you not worried that such an upheaval will disjoint the squad? I also feel sorry for Vargas as you bought him, played him 6 times and have now moved him on...poor Vargas!!!
  2. What should I do?

    Are Boro still in the Championship in your save? What about the other two you rejected? Have Farnborough replaced you with anyone yet?
  3. These two are the examples that i was going to give...as said they are not suffering from a cold where you generally send them home for 1-2 days this virus could be anything.
  4. Wouldnt It Be Good If

    This area of the game i think needs work...i personally would like to see more of it (especially when SI stive for realism)
  5. As above, if this squad registration annoys you and you can control your transfers/qsquad just wait until FM13/FM14 when the new financial fair play rules are implemented. Gone will be the days when you can just BUY, BUY, BUY!!!
  6. What should I do?

    Keep us updated!!!
  7. Thats not very hard now is it when were up to 40 pages... Loversleaper - i assume you tired the case sensitive solution...ever since i did that i have been playing FM for days with my internet switched off, i even managed to play on my lunch hour in works car park! You really do have my sympathy mate...
  8. Surely this would be a bad addition to the game as the whole point of management is to learn how your players react to different situations. IRL you wouldnt have a manager say "Hold on a minute i didnt mean that, what i meant to say was this..." over and over again until ALL his players were happy. Its gotta keep you guessing to test your skill and abilty to manage said team/players.
  9. Thats a new one on me - i suppose if you stopped for a certain amount of time it would feel of more new and exciting:D
  10. Forgetting to call up your star player:o
  11. Dynamic Searching:applause:
  12. Is that not you just being a poor international manager and not looking at players recent form and condition before picking your squad???:lol:
  13. Im sorry if im being REALLY thick but i dont actually see much difference between my theory and your theory apart from adding in "some" extra players that are already on youth contracts that have come through the "acadamy". If that is the only difference then i do see what you're saying!!!