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  1. Villa - AML Inside Forward (Attack) or ST Poacher (Attack) Messi - ST Trequarista (Attack) or AMR Inside Forward (Attack) Pedro - AMR or AML Inside Forward (Attack) Xavi - CM Deep Lying Playmaker (Support) - means you can use Iniesta as Advanced Playmaker (Attack)
  2. Alright mate, cya I got him for £37.5m, never had him before.
  3. Bought Aguero myself. How much you get him for and how did you play him? Will post my transfers before my first league game.
  4. Is that Dani Alves? Looks to be a good squad although you may have to sell Jones soon
  5. Whats your squad like now? Many of the original squad still there?
  6. Alright guys, I'm back to give Liverpool another go now. Stevie G - can I see your first season transfers? Can't seem to find them, good squad you have built up did Honda get a WP alright?
  7. I shall do the same then! Yea, there is an awful lot of good freebies at the start but i'm sure they won't all be snapped up.
  8. Good to see you back Ty! I'm gonna start again as Pompey on 11.3. Are you still gonna use the self-imposed transfer embargo at the start of the season or has the financial situation improved?
  9. Lucas (Santos) has a release clause of 6.75m. I have got araujo previously on loan, with future fee. Gaucho usually 7-8m.
  10. Araujo from Boca, Lucas from Santos, Lucas Gaucho from Sao Paulo. Might be to do with the leagues/players you have loaded.
  11. Lukaku wouldnt really fit in as he is more a target man type, what about Arauijo (sp) or Lucas Gaucho? Check out young South Americans
  12. Depends how you plan on playing tbh, if you plan on using a 4-3-3 like IRL then you have Messi, Bojan and Villa for up front although either Messi or Villa will be out wide so maybe another striker, yes. Apart from that, just youth really. Maybe back up keeper if you wanted to. And, good luck
  13. Up front in a 4-3-3/4-5-1 as a trequarista, as a 'False 9' with two inside forwards on the wings
  14. What a great season heath, well done After 3 wins in 11 games and sitting 14th in the league I am linked with the recently vacanted Athletic job after they sacked their manager. Didn't expect after so few games in charge of Granada and not exactly setting the world alight. But I'm gonna stay with Granada and hopefully move up the table soon.
  15. Yea they probably are my two most important players but Adriano has 6 in 7 starts and Ighalo has 5 in 4 starts so we're still getting goals but can't stop them at the other end. Well hopefully we'll make a push up the able sooner rather than later.