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  1. my bad....playing with unirea tarlungeni, romanian 3rd div, media pred 13th, curently 3rd...so sorry cragswfc for my earlier post...starting to like your tactic
  2. sorry to tell you but this tactic is trash, played with liverpool 1w 3d 3l, in 7 games...
  3. i meant to say chears not cheat :D:D...had success with other teams, seems it is not liked in san marino
  4. my game with San Marino: so how come i use the same tactic and am almost relegated, do you che** ???
  5. In Romania 3rd league there are: Nova Mamma Mia Becicherecul Mic or Adunatii Copacenii ( The gathered trees)
  6. tyler which version should i use for teams like hampton & richmond (conference south) or cowdenbeath ( scott 3rd lig) or any lower league teams?
  7. trying v6 with hampton & richmond, in blue square south... started 1 st time, finished 13th, started again won the league...smth is bizzare about this
  8. 2nd season: 4th , now in my 3rd season ...but it seems like the tester v6 is better for me than the finnished v6
  9. v6 is superb...playing it with FC BRASOV, in ROMANIA first division, had a media prediaction of 12th, finished 3rd and won the romanian cup 1st season....stunner tct...
  10. awesome...just gave it a go ...2nd season with Rapid Bucuresti, unbeaten...made the double also...very good defence...v4 used http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/4618/0910s.jpg Here is my team of the year: http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/4600/20090317161011.jpg
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