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  1. Hi there, I want to make players in my fm 2010 editor that already exists in the 2012 version of the game, Each time i want copy the unique id from the fm 2012 player to the editorfile from my fm 2010 db, but always the unique id number jumps to '0' is there a way to fix this problem?
  2. Hey is this new commentary file also for fm 2011 or does it require only 2012?
  3. The official FM GENIE SCOUT 12 Thread

    Can we expect a future version of GS that will works with db files made with the adv editor, i would like to play a Dutch custom db that is made with the adv. editor, as far as i know at the moment that editor files does not work in G.s
  4. Not a good decision from SI to make teamtalks such an important issue, how on earth can ppl make a good solid tactic if the teamtalks takes a massive impact, too much impact in my opinion
  5. [FM12] KNVB 5 tier Dutch Structure

    Yeah i've 10+ leagues from different countries running on a custom db, i think that must be the problem, but i don't want to change it because it takes away the fun of the game, i'll hope si can fix it, more people have the same issue, only can do is wait for the fix. Until then i've play fm2011.
  6. [FM12] KNVB 5 tier Dutch Structure

    With a large db and 73000 players loaded each match i had runtime error, people from si tell me that you must choose a smaller db. I don't like that thus it takes all the fun in fm away. I'd like to start a game unemployeed and work myself up and up ended by a european topside. That's how the way i played fm and in previous fm versions it has not an issue that you have an xl db running.
  7. [FM12] KNVB 5 tier Dutch Structure

    Nice one, i'll try this when si has solved the db issue, i don't like to play with an small db.
  8. Thanks for the info,i'll keep you updated how it's going.
  9. Nice the only concern i have is the db issue, if it too large in this game it crashed, and a db xl is essential in my way of fm playing, (began unemployed en than you worked up the ranks end by real madrid or some). Atm i have 73000 players up so i'll pray.
  10. Thanks, i'll give it a try in the lower leagues in Holland (amateur status) and check of this tactic even can work at some low level.
  11. What player attributes are recommend for this tactic or should i take the attributes from fm 11 versions.
  12. Nice one, although it could be hard to find good cb's in the Dutch Lower Divisions with good ball contol and technique skills but i'll give it a try later on, throw some darts now.
  13. 4-2-2-2 "Il Devasto"

    Thanks i'll take a look
  14. 4-2-2-2 "Il Devasto"

    What player-attributes are required to get the most out of this one ?
  15. Wallys update

    i set the new forum by my favourites