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  1. I was thinking about this the other day, I'm currently engrossed in the longest career I've had in years and have no real glaring issues with 2013. This will be the first time since I can remember that I'll leave it for a few months.
  2. After the way he played for the whole of last season, I doubt they'll be put off by one bad performance for Holland.
  3. I used to use corner exploits on FM09, and found it so boring after a while. I'm absolutely certain that I was only winning titles because of it. Never again. Playing properly is so much more satisfactory. And a goal down will nearly always be hard to get back, but doesn't it feel great when you finally find a break through?
  4. When I'm confused I usually head over to the SFraser Memorial Thread. He wrote some very detailed guides, these two may be of some help. How To Meet The Next Season A Quick Guide To Pre-Season Training It might not all be exactly what you're looking for but I find all of the guides he wrote to be very helpful. They're worth a read if you've got time.
  5. Me and my brother had a local network game on 12.0.4 going for about 3 seasons and never noticed this. So I guess team talks is the most likely answer.
  6. I've found this to be the hardest version I've played. Since CM3. Might consider starting a few leagues down since every save I've made with a top club has gone terribly. Not won a league title on FM12 yet
  7. I took a month or so away from the game until I was browsing the forums and read of SFraser's death, which I'd had no idea about. So after going through the memorial thread and reading lots of the great guides he made, I found that there was so much of the game I hadn't even thought about. It made me feel as if before I was just making a basic tactic, picking my players and hitting continue. However since I resumed playing I've been progressing a lot more slowly, taking a lot more things into account (with my tactics, training and match preparation) before hitting continue and acheiving much better results. I never used to even study the opposition at all, I'd just play the same tactic and find myself getting nowhere. Now everytime I find a good guide I'll save the page to my computer (including all of SFrasers) since I don't always have internet access and I've learnt a hell of a lot more about the game. This might not be the situation with you and why you're frustrated but just sharing my personal experience with getting back into the game.
  8. Feeling for you, I've not been as good on this version myself Can't remember the last time I was sacked before FM12 but got the boot after 6 months at Man City and on the verge of losing the Arsenal job on a network game with my brother (which would be horrendous )
  9. How much football have these players been playing? That's one thing that springs to mind, high wages could be another. If you're getting loan offers (which I do a lot), it's probably best to let them go and hope they impress while there. Just make sure you let the other team pay their wages if you're trying to reduce the wage bill. If you're in pre season sometimes it helps to play them in friendlies, if they play well they can be slightly easier to shift.
  10. Also if their creative freedom is high on their 'player instructions', they could just be doing their own thing Try and find a good balance, I tend to find that having a lot of players on high creative freedom is a bad idea. I also play with AMR/AMC/AML and ST and only really give high creative freedom to two of them. This might not be the sole problem but just something to think about
  11. It might only show in your news if one of your own players is involved, check your news subscriptions.
  12. I'm going into the 2017/18 season with Arsenal and still haven't won it. Lyon have become a massive bogey team for us, we've got them every year for the last 3 years in the quarter final and they've knocked us out each time. It's got to the point where I won't be satisfied if I win my first Champions League unless I knock Lyon out along the way.
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