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  1. could u try a 4-3-2-1 Tree? i know there's a china one, but i never tried cuz i don't like the role of strike, i'm trying one myself with 7 wins and 1 lost, but i think u could do it much better. i don't use any PI. so, i dicided to suggest and use this formation because using the players rating of fmrte and his tactics suggestions, this formation are one of top formations suggested, behind 3-4-1-2. i don't know if this says anything conclusive cuz 4-2-3-1 not even appears on that list, but u could make a test.
  2. the tactic is really good, i'm with stoke in first season, bony has 14 games, 9 goals and 4 assists, berahino has 16, 10 goals, 2 assistis. i swap between AC-S and AF-A and Target Man for bony, tick play wider for him on this role . my 2 lost i put in instant result this game, was the last before the screen shot V = Win, D = Lost, E = Draw
  3. hey knap, i changed the formation to fluid with stoke, seems to work better with medium teams i think, even the complete forward works better, cuz they don't waste the ball kicking from long like before
  4. very low, playing bad, i made a tweak for it and posted on mrl site, only change for normal mentalily and ajust the tempo, i created the tweak with southamptom but i'm using stoke, berahino can't play well, bony scored a lot from corners but, the team is playing well. i'm stoke, C = Home, F = Away
  5. just an update, my team still unbeaten with 21 consecutive wins at bundesliga and champions league, but on champions i only played the group fase for the time. some results sry for my poor inglish, i'm brazilian ^^
  6. some results using V2 since pre-season and V3 Skyrim at last 4 games still unbeaten, only 1 gol conceded on Bundesliga
  7. Total Football: Tic-Tac Magick

    i'm using with dortmund too, to mcl i used milan badelj and ilkay gundogan as mcr. u can try aaron ramsey as mcr.