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  1. Campinense are probably going to be sick of us by the end of this
  2. Is it this Tulio? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Túlio_Maravilha I'm tempted to try and sign him in my current save, but I'm in 2020 and he might've retired Edit: He retired in December 2018 in my save, maybe next time
  3. It's kind of par for the course in Brazil. In my current save, I have the national cup, state championship, and a regional cup at the start of the season (don't even have time for friendlies), which are all competitive matches I'm mostly expected to do as well as we can in. If you get far, I imagine it'll run into Serie C, but for the most part those 3 competitions stop for me before Serie C begins. I've had a lot of stretches were we played about as many games as OP has. Just had one week where we hosted Campinense in the Paraiba championship, then two days later hosted them again in the Northeast Regional Cup. At the top flight, you might have to juggle Copa Libertadores/Sudamericana too.
  4. LA Galaxy and LAFC should have a local rivalry called El Trafico
  5. Good to hear! I tried actually sending my keeper forward on a corner and then it stopped happening, even though this time my keeper was definitely in the box
  6. Whenever my team gets a corner kick, the commentary says that my keeper is going forward, when they aren't. I think it started when I edited my attacking corner tactic. I didn't touch the keeper and it started saying this on every corner. It doesn't affect gameplay at all, so it's not really an issue, but it did freak me out the first time it happened.
  7. If the league has a foreign player limit, I fill it up, no matter what. The most exciting transfer windows are the ones where I get to look abroad for new players
  8. IRL goes here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/16-football-forum/
  9. In my current save, I got to the quarterfinals of the Slovak FA Cup after beating 2 top league sides (I'm in the 2nd league). They were fairly simple games, and the board only expected us to get to the 2nd round (there's 3 before the quarterfinals). Second season I'm in charge, we're bossing our division, but I get knocked out by a first division side in the first round. A side I beat least season no less. The best part is that a 3rd league (unplayable in FM) village team won the cup and went to the Europa League. The game promoted them next season. I'm not sure what to make of it, what's your situation?
  10. I am glad I have this oldie from 2009 still lying around.
  11. I personally say Atalanta getting into the Europa League. Continental money is a nice consolation prize for 16th.
  12. I think the OP just really wants to see a drawing of lots in-game.
  13. Okay add me to the list of people who simply get a failed change when they click the add button on the nations page. I made the changes Unknown Hacker listed in his post above.
  14. Ah, that would makes sense. Good stuff otherwise, great job on this resurgence after 2011.
  15. I can't seem to get the newest version to work in 12.2. It's throwing more or less the same errors as the last version when I try and start a new game.
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