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  1. Cup games

    In my current save, I got to the quarterfinals of the Slovak FA Cup after beating 2 top league sides (I'm in the 2nd league). They were fairly simple games, and the board only expected us to get to the 2nd round (there's 3 before the quarterfinals). Second season I'm in charge, we're bossing our division, but I get knocked out by a first division side in the first round. A side I beat least season no less. The best part is that a 3rd league (unplayable in FM) village team won the cup and went to the Europa League. The game promoted them next season. I'm not sure what to make of it, what's your situation?
  2. Awesome Regen Names

    I am glad I have this oldie from 2009 still lying around.
  3. Crazy season

    I personally say Atalanta getting into the Europa League. Continental money is a nice consolation prize for 16th.
  4. I think the OP just really wants to see a drawing of lots in-game.
  5. How I can create a new nation in FM 2012?

    Okay add me to the list of people who simply get a failed change when they click the add button on the nations page. I made the changes Unknown Hacker listed in his post above.
  6. [FM12] Kenco's World League

    Ah, that would makes sense. Good stuff otherwise, great job on this resurgence after 2011.
  7. [FM12] Kenco's World League

    I can't seem to get the newest version to work in 12.2. It's throwing more or less the same errors as the last version when I try and start a new game.
  8. The 2012 Regional Databases Thread

    So I followed the steps in the first post and created a (rather basic) Texas database. Not a whole lot of actual Texan players in the database so plenty of clubs are just day one regens, but I wanted something to play around with. I changed East Germany into Texas. Everything works as of the last batch of changes I made, except that now North American World Cup qualifiers seem to have broke in the process. It seems that I threw off the number of teams that need to play. In the Second Phase, the first group stage of the qualifiers, Group 1 gets 5 teams instead of 4. However, it does not play the final game, presumably because there is no time in the schedule to do so. So the qualifiers never end and the North America slots are filled by European teams. Is there any way to fix this? I have not been able to get the advanced rules in the editor to show up, I heard it's related to this most recent patch.
  9. [FM12] Kenco's World League

    Little update on the above issue: it will work if you pick the Default database, not the 12.2.0 database. So it's not the technical changes the patch brought, it probably just won't line up with the database changes they made.
  10. [FM12] Kenco's World League

    Just tried with the patch, and my save game works. It does not fix the residency days issue, however. I tried starting a new game (to see if players would gain residency days then), however, and when loading I get errors stating that the FA Cups of various countries are requesting too many teams from the bottom domestic league. Some others get an error that says all teams in the division must be assigned to the parent division or child division, not both. The countries affected by the FA Cup error are: Argentina, Belgium, Belarus, Czechia, England, Ghana, Greece, Iran, Peru, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay, Those affected by the division error are: Japan, USA Game loads fine, but I cannot select the affected countries, which is kind of bad because you need England for the World League to work. Highlighting the warning triangles shows that it cannot find enough teams to fill in the lower divisions. This one is probably the patch's fault.
  11. [FM12] Kenco's World League

    Been doing pretty well with Al-Sharjah. Looked real bad during the first half of the domestic season, but picked it right back up second half and came out 5th place. The West Asian C League has been going pretty well too. Right now the board has given me the power to sign a big name Chinese midfielder to really boost my squad. Mind you, you're a league below us. That might explain the poverty. Still, Al Emirates are a running riot in the Middle East D League in my game. I say focus on getting promoted to the Pro League and when you do, do tell us where you are then.
  12. [FM12] Kenco's World League

    Players at other countries' clubs were also not gaining residency days when I checked in my game. I'll start a new game this afternoon to try and figure it out. My staff have started learning Arabic, which suggests that we're situated in the right place. My newly acquired players have yet to do so, though that could just be random chance. I'll wait and see there too. Why would you ever want to do that? Sure we're low on the local talent, but we've got all this cash!
  13. [FM12] Kenco's World League

    Tried another mod, players were gaining residency days as usual. So it seems it really is something up with your mod. I've only modded FM11, but I can't think of anything you could fiddle with to get it working. Also, you noted in the download link post that Turkey, South Korea, and Malaysia aren't implemented. Is that with the current version, too? Are you going to get them working in your next update? One thing I tried to do in FM10 was keep Seongnam in the top tiers. No simple task, it was.
  14. [FM12] Kenco's World League

    Going through as Al-Sharjah (club in the UAE, West Asian C League) and it's been going great, though the domestic league is tough. Haven't had enough time to get into the World League games, but we're in the home stretch of the domestic half and barely holding above the relegation line. Anyway, I noticed something was up though when I looked at players' personal information. Players do not seem to gain any residency days towards citizenship. I went back to a vanilla save to make sure this wasn't some crazy thing, and sure enough players gained residency days there, so it only seems to happen in your mod. Perhaps it's linked to the fact that these clubs are entered into a league in England, but it's not the primary league and clubs retain their nationality so I doubt that makes a difference. It doesn't really have any bearing on gameplay, but I signed a 19 year old from a dead-end (not in world league and literally composed entirely of grey players otherwise) Costa Rican club with fantastic potential and I think it would be cool to see him on the Emirati team someday. I mostly noticed once I saw that two Ivorians were called up to the UAE team. Something you might want to look into, though I don't know where you would start looking.
  15. Changing newgen names

    Newgen names are based on the language of the city. Make sure the cities speak the appropriate language, in this case English (but maybe you should put in Spanish as well).