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  1. I using it first season with Aston Villa and having some mixed results. By mixed I mean after 16 games; I have scored 30 goals and conceded 35... What is going on there? Anyone else struggling to keep the other teams scoreless? I have no problems scoring, the left striker (whoever I put) scores like crazy but keep conceding too many goals, especially late on... tips team?
  2. Jeez I have a very thin squad... Got injuries everywhere as well.... I'm about 17 games in and Gabby has been on fire! He has scored every game for about 10 games and hit the post another 2 or 3 of them each game. Anyone else hitting the woodwork at least once or twice a game? My squad: (I'm at home so off memory) GK: Friedel RB: Warnock CB: Mexes (ON FIRE... We conceded the most goals in the PRM while scoring the most as well but he is still getting an average rating of 7) CB: Dunne (Definately needs replacing. Is Collins or Clark good enough? Looking to sign both Sahko and Phil Jones soon) LB: LYoung (both fullbacks definately need replacing... Any ideas guys? I play a very attacking left fullback and a defensive right back) CM: Petrov (attacking/creative midfielder but needs replacing) CM: NRC (Destroyer but meh... Needs replacing) RAM: Marc Al (injured... is VERY inconsistant.... I have my right winger playing as an out and out winger so trying to sign Lennon) LAM: AYoung (inside forward) CF: Benzema (Was transfer listed at 8 million euro at the start of season, was on FIRE at the start of the season but dropped off. He was scoring some amazing goals but not playing more of a support role, maybe need to change how I play him...) ST: Gabby/Bent (Gabby is on EPIC FIRE at the moment but I usually play Bent. Both score plenty of goals from a poacher role) I have no problems scoring but concede a THOUSAND goals a game. I either win 3-1 ish game or lose 2-5... I just played a game with Arsenal 3-6, they scored their 6 in the first half...... I have put my wingers on defend 'man' so hopefully they'll track back and mark the sidebacks... Will see how that goes in the next couple of games... So new keeper, options: Akinfeev, who else? I have 27m in the kitty. I need to bring in a new winger as I'm short there, hopefully a new creative midfielder and a new keeper as every is saying Friedel is crap. I signed him up for two more years though, not a bad reserve keeper right? Cheers Joe
  3. Hi guys! I've just started a game with AVilla and after a promising start I'm going down the drain... I'm 9 games in and won 4 lost 4 and drawn 1... I've just lost 5 straight. I've conceded 20 goals already.... So I signed Mexes who is partnering Dunne at the back. I use Warnock on the left and LYoung on the right with Friedel in goal. The board has just given me 28m pounds to spend and I was wondering if I should bring someone in during the Janurary window... I concede way too many goals... What should I do?
  4. I'm using them now. I'm not a FM pro so probably can't provide any conclusive results but I'll let you know what kind of results I am getting.
  5. I feel kinda bad for asking... Thanks for the great response SFaser I think I kinda get what you mean... Cheers
  6. Oh I see SFraser I see I see... I think there were too many injuries in developing... Ok... I have question. I have Lukaku who is 19/20 this year and he plays in my fulltime squad. Plays most matches and I rely on him alot. He is young so I want his stats to improve but I don't want to work him over so he gets injured... Which one do I put him on?
  7. So is the OP have the latest training schemes? Honestly my guys have been on the regime for a year now but they don't seem to be improving all that much... I put nearly everyone on the 1st team scheldule because I think the other ones are too high...
  8. Hi I'm from Australia. I acutally haven't been playing much FM10 lately just waiting for the patch to come out before I start a new game.
  9. Taking the backroom staff with you seems very good feature, not revolutionary but will fix having to getting a whole new backroom staff roster every move. I also think should be part of the contract negotiations so like basically when I get moved to a new club I try to cancel contracts of all the dead wood but some of them get blocked because of too much money to pay. So in orignial contract negotiations: Sign for this much. Sign for this long. Take backroom staff yes/no. How much budget you get. Expectations now, 3 years, 10 years. Key players the club wants you to get or if they want to be stingy with money. What about it? Am I being ********? Cheers, ReeNah
  10. Anyone come up with some good different designs? I must say 3D atm isnt like fantastic but it'll definately better. I think FM will surprise us with its next installment with an amazing 3D experience. Yes I have said it, pressure is one guys! Anyways, I dont mind having some mad 2D action until they can offer us a great 3D experienence! Cheers, ReeNah
  11. Definately bring the dot in straight away. When Ji Sung Park scored against Portugal in 2002, he ran straight to Gus The Hiddink. I would love to see a player who I am a favoured personnal of, run to me after they score would look mad ^^.
  12. Nice. I have written university essays that are not in the same class as your peice. What about goal keepers?
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