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  1. never make it due to his injury proneness and low determination
  2. this is what i have said from long time ago, heading has nerfed too much, which means target man setting not working, what i mean is heading flick, like how Andy Carroll's play, this shows the stupidity of the match engine
  3. This Game is Scripted

    can the moderator prove the game isnt scripted?
  4. like sometime when u are leading 2-0, there are only opposition on ur back half, and you have 5 players on it, and one of them do a double legged tackle on him and get sent off and GIFTS goals???
  5. Do you believe that there are no scripted goals in game?
  6. try to use the best way to explain the flaws of the game and to convince people that actually its ur tactics problem
  7. people who loves to tell u its kinda realistic are usually moderator or die hard fans
  8. Future of this game

    how many people you know play this game? 1mil?