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  1. this is what i have said from long time ago, heading has nerfed too much, which means target man setting not working, what i mean is heading flick, like how Andy Carroll's play, this shows the stupidity of the match engine
  2. can the moderator prove the game isnt scripted?
  3. like sometime when u are leading 2-0, there are only opposition on ur back half, and you have 5 players on it, and one of them do a double legged tackle on him and get sent off and GIFTS goals???
  4. i can never beat big four on my newcastle team, i never use monthly payment while buying players you guys should try buying players without monthly installment
  5. What the **** is demba ba never score while 1on1, he puts it into row z every ****ing time this game is ****ing suck
  6. i think i found out why... i think the camera shakes too much this year, its not steady enough
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