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  1. Official Off-Topic Thread

    I support Hull and at the moment we are sinking faster than a dead fish. If Phil Brown hasn't noticed we have only won once in 14 games. Help.....thankfully we got Middlesborough next.....and by the looks of there recent preformances hopefully we can't lose!
  2. Best regen EVER?

    By the time he is 21 he will have exceeded Terrys, Ferdinands, Fazios and Puyols abilities. For 4m you have just brought potentially the best centre back alive, well done
  3. Have the top league in these countries on view only: France Italy Spain Germany Holland That shouldn't slow your game down very much!
  4. Funny Named Players

    They got bored of rice and decided haggis was nicer!
  5. Anyone play as FC Basel?

    Swiss league rules: Only 5 non EU players allowed in starting 11 Maximum of 10 non EU players can be in the squad Bottom team is relegated 2nd bottom goes into relegation playoff 1st place qualifies for champions league 2nd, 3rd and 4th qualifie for the Uefa Cup
  6. The Hull City Thread-Home Of The Tigers!

    PRE-SEASON UPDATE Fixtures and results: Transfers: Tactic: Star Player: Overall a very good pre-season. My tactic has worked very well and the players have blended well. Cousin can't stop hitting the net and Ian Ashbee is my only injury worry. Now for the hard bit.....Premiership survivial!
  7. The Hull City Thread-Home Of The Tigers!

    I reccomend only buying a back-up keeper as if you stick with the existing squad they seem to blend well and play well together. Reccomended sells the usual, Welsh, France, Duke, Doyle, Warner. EDIT: Well just finished pre-season, I'll do a proper update later, and I faced the hardest team in pre-season....my own under 18s. They played very well and gave us a run for our money. The final score was 2-0 to us.
  8. The Hull City Thread-Home Of The Tigers!

    Yeh but I've completely outplayed every team so far (Goole, Sheffield Utd, Winterton, Hereford and North Ferriby)! Hopefully my tactic will still work in the prem. BTW Cousin has scored 12 goals in 5 games
  9. The Hull City Thread-Home Of The Tigers!

    Well the new tactic that I'VE made is certainly working well:
  10. importance of team Blending?

    I have started with Hull and stuck to one tactic and have not brought anyone and I can't stop winning. That means that team blending is very important.
  11. Why have you made 4 threads about it?
  12. Cannot submit a bid.

    What team are you managing?
  13. FM09 : Official Stoke City Thread

    Anywhere from 17th to 13th. Anything better than that is very good!
  14. The Hull City Thread-Home Of The Tigers!

    Well I've started with Hull and I've created 2 great tactics. I'm only planning to buy 1 player (back up keeper) as I want a challenge. So far with one of my tactics I've had these results: Goole 0-6 Hull Hull 4-2 Sheffield United I loved thrashing and completely out playing Shefffield Utd EDIT: Just beat Winterton 7-0. 5 of the goals where scored by Daniel Cousin