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  1. Wow this is bad, would be nice to have another update from SI regarding this...
  2. Using this in Vanarama North as King's Lynn, media prediction was pretty low having been newly promoted. Made no additions to the squad only the coaching staff and so far so good. Played 12, won 9, drawn 2 and lost 1. 30 scored and 10 against, sitting top of the table. Early days and I have zero squad depth but pleased so far.
  3. Well, it's been a great tactic so far, only lost 2 games all season and both have been to Chelsea in the League and FA Cup they must be my Achilles heel. Currently 3rd overall as Utd and Chelsea have pretty much flawless records and I've drawn 3 i a row now, but still not bad considering I've only brought in youth prospects.
  4. Man Utd on FM12, they had a terrible squad except one wonderkid Bruno Paiges who was just about keeping them firing, but they went down in about 2020. ever came back up.
  5. Marquinhos wasn't listed on mine but Digne was, strange. I played as PSG last year and Marquinos becomes a monster in a few years. Him and Balanta at the back will keep you solid for 10 years. Well, as solid as the shocking defending on this years engine lets you be.
  6. Hello everyone, In keeping with my own tradition of not playing the new FM until the January transfer patch, here I go with an LFC save. In: Lucas Digne £3.1m Eder Balanta £7.5m Out: Fabio Borini £7.5m Kolo Toure £550k Glen Johnson £3.4m Using Mr Hough's Apex Predator tactic which I'm not sure is working to it's best on 15.3, but going with it for the time being anyway. Not bought many players as I've brought in my usual backroom team from other clubs which has cost quite a bit in compensation. Got rid of our current assistant manager and chief scout, brought in Mauro Tassotti from A.C. Milan and Guiseppe Corti from Atalanta. Tassotti is a beast at handling press conferences and other mundane duties in general, who doesn't get bored of the same questions over and over again?
  7. Acknowledging there will not be another match engine update, will a hotfix be made to fix the ragdoll player models in the 3D view?
  8. Does 2D classic share the same problems as 3D? Just asking because I've never used 3D, used it once and it felt awkward, so I went back to my classic dots. Does the 2D engine get updated yearly too?
  9. Just started my first save on FM2015 with Palace. Never tried them before, I always play the team I support, Liverpool. But Palace seem like an interesting team to manage, I like watching them play and they are a team I'm fond of, great to see them get some wins in under Pardew. Ok so firstly I terminated the loan of Doyle. In: Neil Taylor £5m (+£2.5m over 4 years) Eder Balanta £5m Joel Campbell (Loan) Out: Marouane Chamakh £4.5m to CSKA Moscow Had Joel Ward say he wants to leave for Hull City so he can play continental football. Well, they never even made a bid for him, which I found strange.
  10. Giving these two a go on my At. Madrid save, had no end of bad luck on my previous 2 saves, so I hope this brings joy.
  11. Trying this on my Liverpool save in 2013/2014, after finishing 7th last season. Will report back!
  12. Quick first season review: 7th in Premier League Won EURO Cup Lost in final of League Cup Lost in final of FA Cup Had a terrible season in terms of results consistency, there just wasn't any! Injuries all over meant my team each week was not ideal, however we scraped into Europe by winning the EURO Cup. Got rid of deadwood on the wage bill andthe future is hopefully bright. In: Wellington Nem £3.5m Adryan £875k Marc-Andre ter Stegen £18m Andrea Poli £9m Out: Doni £1.5m Joe Cole (Free) Brad Jones £500k Glen Johnson £19m Stewart Downing £5.25m Jose Manual Reina £10m About to start the second season, £63m transfer kitty, but I plan to be shrewd and sign around 10 regens. Signings so far: In: Falcao £26m Out: Luis Suarez £17.5m Andy Carroll £15m Jay Spearing £1m Dani Pacheco £1.1m
  13. Going to try this with Liverpool, will report back my findings!
  14. Hey guys, really having a rough time getting into FM this year, as I did last year, just can't seem to stop screwing up. Anyone have any suggestions on realistic signings I could make, or coaching staff?
  15. First season using it yes, I used Mr Hough Fm13 tactics with Liverpool (left for Inter) and Inter (sacked) in 2012/2013 with mixed results, hoping this one will be better.
  16. Is there anyway to disable the backgrounds, or at least change it? I find it hard to read the text on such busy backgrounds.
  17. Trying this with Liverpool, 1st season. Never used 3 at the back before, should be interesting.
  18. Lack of decent skin holding me back from playing
  19. Will this only work with the Barcelona team, or could any team implement it with some success?
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