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  1. A miinor example, Tim Howard is the GK for USA and I was wondering if there was anyway to get player feedback/scouting knowledge from him on other players in his international squad? My scouts currently have a very little knowledge on the USA front.
  2. Borderless windowed mode

    I am having this trouble and the above steam post hasn't helped : (
  3. Hold fire on the Mirallas hate, he's doing good things for me so far this season.
  4. Hey guys just have a couple of quick questions to ask. Question 1: Anyway to play fullscreen borderless windowed mode? I do that in a lot of games so I can quickly navigate back and forth my two monitors. Question 2: Is there an easy way to see who is captain in my squad? I went onto the squad page and couldn't see it, even went into the squad depth page and still couldn't see it. Thanks guys
  5. I have started playing more classic mode now, simply because I find it suits my play-style and more importantly my schedule. Its much quicker to get into the game and far less depth which I guess is both a good and bad thing depending on how you look at it. My question is however, are the classic players frowned upon? Why do I ask this, I was speaking to some friends about FM recently, and when I mentioned I play classic mode they sort of snubbed their noses at it claiming that its not the way the game is mean't to be played. I have always played the full version and it was only up until 2015 when I decided to try out classic mode. So what do you guys think? Are we one and the same, or do you find that most players prefer the full game because it is the 'true football manager' experience?
  6. Me and my friend (in the same room) want to play a network game, but its greyed out. How do we do this?
  7. If anyone would like to know what my overall transfer budget was, see below. Highlight here--->£700 000 000 <--- Highlight here
  8. Yeah, but in the long run, I as a manager look awesome : ) (In the game, of course)
  9. I kinda have with Arsenal - not by much - just enough to secure Gotzie, Dudu, Balotelli, Neymar, Ganso, Rodwell and fernado, plus a few others. What about you guys?
  10. Hi guys, So as topic suggests I really enjoy talking to my players, sorting out contracts, negotiating and trying to find the next Messi or Ronaldo. I feel I am OK – not excellent – but with practice comes experience. The only problem I have is with tactics, and I would hate people say to me “Well, if you don’t know tactics then the games not for you” because at the end of the day I may not know how to use tactics, or understand what makes your squad of 11 play to their best ability, but I want to learn. Its quite a loaded question because I know there is SO much to tactics, I just don’t know where to begin. I have a base idea of what I wish to accomplish from my squad (Arsenal) where I have spent quite a bit of time – with the minimum budget I had – investing in young new talent. My strategy (if you can call it that) is to think about the future, using the current players I have in my squad the best I can but slowly introducing my new talent into the first team squad after they have had sufficient training and experience in my U18 or Reserve squad (or otherwise, loans etc) The overall ‘tactic’ I wish to use is for a team like Barcelona, where they are quite free form, have alot of creativity about them but also have a solid back line who can defend well. But even though I know what it is in my head (I can visualise it) what it is I want to accomplish, its where the pen meets the paper is where I struggle, so I guess what I am asking for is any tips, advice and must knows for when it comes to arranging tactics that I would find useful. I apologise with the loaded question and understand as a result the answers may also be quite heavy, but I have to ask because I want to learn : ) Thanks guys.
  11. Hi guys I have downloaded a logo pack and it wants me to stick it in my football manager folder, I am on Snow leopard, unfortunately when I go into my football Manager 2011 directory through applications all I have is football Manager 2011 install log and an option to uninstall Football Manager 2011. Can anyone tell me where I can find the full directory so I can place or create a graphics folder to place my logo backs in? Thanks guys, hope you can help!
  12. Nah, sentance makes perfect sense. I put 1978 instead of 88 (meaning 1988, 20 years old) But in that case i guess it dont make much of a difference then if it would of not mattered anyway even if it was correct. Thanks anyway dude
  13. Theres retirement aint there?
  14. guess i was excited to play, well i stuck on 1978 instead of my real age of 88. Meaning i have knocked 10 years off my life of : ( I am in the middle of a very good season also, is there anyway i can change my age mid game? Thanks guys!