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  1. I can't bring myself to use a role that has 'shoot more often' pre-set (Segundo Volante - Attack). My players already take way too many long shots and I have them all set to shoot less I tried a similar set-up to this with a SV-s and it went quite well, but he was often bunched up with the DM-s defensively and he didn't quite bomb forward like he would in an Attack mentality.
  2. Are the players in question approaching retirement? If they're considering taking up a staff role after retirement, they can start getting their badges early.
  3. The thread about the hotfix does say Fantasy Draft has been enabled, actually?
  4. I can't imagine how difficult it must be program and maintain the match engine. The crossing 'issue' isn't a matter of tweaking a couple of numbers, we're talking about a serious rewrite of how the ME works. This game really doesn't cost much, I think some people are really over-dramaticising how much they are 'owed' by SI and how devastated they are that the ME hasn't undergone a major overhaul. I appreciate the hard-work that SI pit into the game year after year, and have faith that they work hard year-round to improve the game.
  5. Small things to try are not saving before games, and saving immediately after them. Just remember that it's only a game, and replaying it will only lower your enjoyment of the save in the long run.
  6. Just you, the AI's never tried to kill me before.
  7. I don't really understand what you're asking. Player development doesn't stop at age 25, and I don't see why they will never become 'Good Championship' players. If you get promoted with their current abilities as 'good League 1 player', they will retain this description at the start of next season, and they will still have the same potential. If you get promoted, obviously your key players might not perform as well in the higher division, but they don't become useless at all - remember that those ratings are just the opinions of your coaching staff.
  8. Generally agreed, but I will say that a player I signed with "fairly susceptible to injuries" has barely missed a game and has been my Player of the Season all 4 seasons I've had him.
  9. It has whatever you put on the screen, so if you have the RTE, you can add in those attributes and whatever else you want. The main 'error' I noticed was that it won't convert star ratings into text for you, which would have been great.
  10. No, thank you, your question made me look for a way to do it, this should be really useful for me as well!
  11. Yes, there is! 1) Go to the Squad page of your team. 2) Create a new filter with all the attributes and info you want available. Unfortunately graphics (star ratings) won't show up in your spreadsheet, though. 3) Go to FM > Print Screen > Web Page or Text File (I had trouble formatting the text file, though) 4) Open up the file in Excel! This is what the Web Page looks like:
  12. No. You can't force the club to play them, no. If a player is not playing much on a loan spell, you will get a scout report informing you of the situation and you can talk to the manager about it. Whether or not it ever has an impact, I'm not sure. Your best bet is just to make sure that the loaning club is offering 'key player' status, and recalling them if they don't get enough game time. Yes, through board requests. You can request the improvement of training facilities, the youth academy, and youth recruitment.
  13. When exactly was FM better? When was media/player interaction better, and when was player AI more sophisticated during matches? I don't understand how those quirks of the match engine can enrage you when similar things were present in 'better' versions.
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