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  1. Change steam location to uk or spain, then restart and try again
  2. can someone post the link to the demo again pls?
  3. Metal_Guitarist's FM10 Update

    Oh boy...should have seen this sooner
  4. Max noble for free in 2009 with my cambridge team, I thought he would be a good signing for the blue square premier, but he actually managed to stay with me several seasons after that, even when I was playing in the premier, he scored more than 10 goals and provided good assists.
  5. Daz and Chris Football Manager Database

    Chris fix it pls, Im looking foward to use it.
  6. I had that problem before, it had something to do with windows 7, I changed my game location to my documents and the problem was solved.
  7. I dont use mpi or mi, so both my fullbacks go foward and attack a lot, also he is a beast defending, one of my scouts told me he could be good, when I saw him he already had good stats and was playing for fúrth at 14 o 15, so I bought him for 2m
  8. Too bad He got injured in my last game:(, but has developed nicely, had him since he was 15.
  9. D. Forbes and Chris22 joint db

    Mourinho confirmed it, it should be official by monday or tuesday
  10. D. Forbes and Chris22 joint db

    Mourinho to Real Madrid
  11. Yes download link please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Otamendi will make mistakes but he becomes a beast later in the game, just be patient with him, another good option could be bochetti he can step right into the first 11.
  13. Otamendi it good, try to get sakho too, both are good.