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  1. Hi Guys! No luck with the Crazy Gang so far. Get smashed in every game! Even against lower league sides.
  2. Thanx for your comments so far. Maybe I´m a bit extreme with shouts but i wanted to start with the highest aggression shouts possible as WFC were extreme themselves. Remember Vinnie Jones still holding the record for the fastest booking ever ( 3 seconds). *lol
  3. Wimbledon FC Hi Folks, as this is my first contribution to the Forums i´d like it to be something nostalgic. Over the past weeks I´ve been cruising the net and started an interest in the story of Wimbledon FC and their FA Cup Triumph. I also read stories in football magazines earlier that dealt with this topic. As an old football tactician most interesting for me was the fact that their style was commonly considered outdated even in the 80´s when England´s football first division was far from being what it is now. So over the time the idea arose of having the Crazy Gang revived in FM. So I searched the web for tactical details and found out that WFC used to line up in a 4-4-2. So the next thing would be the player roles: GK = Goali (D) no fancy here. Just a normal shot stopper like Beasant was. DR = Lim. Fullback (D) No nonsense on this position. CD = Cent. Def. (D) Once again. Something pretty basic CD = Lim. Def . (D) Clearing the danger. You want stylish football? Watch Barca. DL = Full Back (D) We want to stay tight in defense. MR = Winger (S) Someone to deliver crosses for the big guy upfront CM = BWM (D) The Vinnie Jones Role. Need i say more? CM = Centr. Mid. (S) Something more dynamic to get our midfield rolling but still responsible for defensive tasks. ML = Winger (A) As there´s not much attacking prowess from our left defender we want more movement on this side. CF = Target Man (S) We need a tall guy upfront. WFC were going long ball. CF = Adv. Forw. (A) Somehow we need goals. Team Instructions (my approach/still playing FM 16): Go Route One, Pump ball into box, get stuck in, use tighter marking, be more disciplined, stick to positions, close down much more Team Shape: Flexible Any feedback welcome.
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