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  1. [FM11][RELEASED] Flex 11

    I have downloaded this skin and put it in the correct folder but I can't choose it in the preferences. All other skins I have downloaded appear except this.
  2. Youth Competitions

    Is it possible to create some more youth competitions for Under 18 sides in the editor? Also can you create more under 19 and under 21 international events too?
  3. Why is Mourino's achievements with Porto and Chelsea under a separate Mourinho than his Inter achievements? There are two Mourinho's in the Hall of Fame, is this a big?
  4. players becoming coaches

    Players seem to become managers way too young on there. Eg James Beattie was still 33 and played a fair bit for Stoke the season they released him so he could surely still play.
  5. Forbsie and chris 2010-2011 database

    Gary Sawyer has been released from Plymouth Argyle and also Peter Reid is taking over tomorrow. Paul Mariner is the 1st team coach not Youth Coach too.
  6. For the lesser nations you should be able to manage funds directing them into creating a better training facility and Youth Academy or pumping it into the leagues to attract better players. Also the ability to arrange more friendlies against club sides from neighbouring countries. This would make the job of a lesser nation much more enjoyable. Also they need to add training programmes too.
  7. International Staff

    What is the point in having these international coaches anyway. Its not as if you can do training sessions like you can with a club side.
  8. Bahamas

    Go into the editor and Add Nation Rules for the Bahamas or whatever country you want to control.
  9. Don't forget the Burton Albion v Cheltenham game from this season too http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_3/8548345.stm
  10. The main reason we are 3rd favourites is because of the amount of money staked on England already. If millions were bet on North Korea or New Zealand their prices would come down too.
  11. How long does it take players to gain a new nationality? I have started the British Virgin Islands league to nurture some homegrown players for the national team but want to add a couple of rubbish english players to BVI teams. How long will it take for them to become eligible for the BVI and if I wanted to do this for other nations will the same thing work?
  12. Maybe the other sponsors didn't want to sponsor you anymore as it was the end of their contract and therefore the board had to get the best next offer in and it happens to be lower. This isn't a bug.
  13. I am using the editor
  14. How do you change a club's european competition that they are playing in? I am updating the database for next season but cannot figure out how to do this, any help?
  15. I have been creating the Afghanistan League but everytime I start a new game the teams are full of regens aswell as the players I have created to play for each team. Is there anyway to stop this?