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  1. I hope they're completely modified for FM10. I also hate how they all change back to none once you change to another saved tactic mid-game.
  2. The same time in two Champions League groups

    So who won in the final?
  3. I hate the players that complain about lack of matches after being injured.
  4. I've just uninstalled FM09 as it was way too addicting. I didn't get out of League 2 with Bromley in the end which is a shame. I tried to use some other tactics but nothing really clicked like before. After the playoff final disappointment we finished 9th and missed out on a playoff place by 3 points. The following season we reached the semis of the Johnstone cup but I resigned before playing through it - lets just say our cup form was much better than our league form. We did get our training facilities upgraded and I felt I could of gone further but I think I'm going to wait for FM10, so hopefully Heath can create another tactic for that. FM09 has way too many things that frustrate me like press conferences, OIs taking ages to set up, records disappearing, general slowness and a 3D match engine that's not quite there yet. For me its better if I just wait for the next one... I don't think this one is very good for long term games simply because it takes too long and making a mistake wastes so much time. I miss the days of SWOS when I could finish a season in minutes and play out the matches I couldn't win
  5. By the way, in regards to press conferences, sometimes its a good idea to praise a specific player or tell the press your player can counter the threat of one of their players. If it works it seems to have a really positive effect, with that player even scoring for a few games.
  6. Well, quite a lot of money for a newly promoted BSS team in the BSP, I got around 30-50k a game from Championship teams. I called it the gauntlet. I think the best result they got was a 1-8 defeat in which an outfield goalkeeper scored a goal. I had to manage each game otherwise the assistant manager would play my first team.
  7. Playing youth team players for 12 consecutive matches day after day in pre-season friendlies to raise cash. I would then sign the highest rating player on a longer term contract and release the rest who usually had all sorts of career wrecking injuries. Cruel but fair.
  8. Just tried this tactic for the first time 13 games into the season and won 4-0. Hope this can continue!
  9. Lost in the playoff final. It was a real final. Aldershot were leading 2-0 with 20 minutes gone and then my central midfielder got sent off. I managed to pull back two goals (one freak goal from a cross) but they finished me off with another two goals in the closing minutes. Gonna try a completely different tactic next season, it was fun using this and hope there is another version as I like attacking tactics.
  10. I'm trying this in league two. Like others have said its been a hit and miss I think because of the quality of players. I'm trying to tweak passing range, tempo and time wasting slightly to make up for that. I'll let you know how it goes. I also noticed that swap position thing - I found out it was swapping my DMC sometimes too. Did I drag something in the wrong place or what?
  11. High - Getting promoted to league two with Bromley. Low - Losing league two playoff final 4-2 to Aldershot after coming back from 2-0 down with ten men.
  12. Funny Screenshots Thread

    How about this one? Talk about the wrong job..
  13. Save before tables update, reload if they don't come up.
  14. Does anyone know how much of the tactical side of FM09 will be carried over to FM10? Is it a case of start now or start later?
  15. I'm 28 games into League Two now, currently 7th (playoff position). Had a really bad start and had to change the tactics to something more similar to the first post except I sometimes use a DMC instead of an AMC (especially away from home). We didn't win an away game until December! I think the reason was the quality of my players, I was too loyal to my title winning squad and only signed a few new players. I just bought two more players in the January transfer window, hopefully that will keep us in the playoff spot. Maybe can go back to two AMCs or strikers later. Had a good run in the FA cup, nearly forced a replay against Derby away from home.. it was 2-2 with 5 mins to go, damn. At least our bank balance is a lot healthier now. Also had a pretty odd penalty situation against Luton - my striker missed a penalty, went for the rebound and got another penalty - of course he didn't miss the second time This was after they missed a penalty at the other end.. and before we got another penalty later on. A game of four penalties lol.