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  1. You can upload screen exports of coach searches to fmscreener to calculate their star ratings. Unless using Genie Scout (or similar software) you won't be able to read off your game since save games are encrypted.
  2. Hey Zero Sea! Thanks for the excellent 3-4-3 tactic. I started using your V3 during the last patch, but V4 seems to even better and I seem unbeatable at home. It's fantastic! I've got a set of screenshots on imageshack, but the following is just... wow. The amount of CCC's this tactic produces is out of this world. http://imageshack.us/f/560/rmbz.png/
  3. fmview export/import

    Yes, of course. The view is exported in Staff Search, and people who are trying to import it does so in Staff Search. However, based on your comment I think I tracked down the error. There are in fact two Staff Searches, the first can be accessed by going through your manager profile (click on your name, Search -> Staff Search), and the other can be accessed through your club/nation profile (click on your club/nation, Transfers -> Staff Search). Despite the fact that the fmview file only alters the layout of the staff search presentation, it refuses to load when searching through the club/nation profile because I made it using the other method. If it's imported through the manager profile staff search, it can be used in the club/nation staff searches. I am going to assume that this is a bug or a strict panel implementation. I'm currently doing different things to confirm if my theory is correct, and if it is I will raise it in the UI Bugs forum and see how SI responds.
  4. I have a website that accepts screen exports in RTF and HTML of staff search, but it requires some field and attribute columns to be present. I made a custom view in FM14 to include the required fields, exported it and made the file available for my users to download. However, I have been getting some reports that the view cannot be imported. Generally in FM13 it seemed that as long as FM's language was set to English (UK) and the skin was set to default (the settings I used while creating and exporting them), it would accept the view, but this seems to be more problematic for FM14. I'm unable to find what the criteria for importing fmview files are and why it fails in some instances. The error is very concise (The view in '<file>' is not valid for the current panel) and does not offer much explanation. I have the impression that fmview files are, or are supposed to be, easy to share amongst players, and with that in mind I can't understand why it does not work as fluent as say, tactic imports. Does anyone know if there is a way to make the process of importing these files work independent of language, skin, etc? Or maybe someone can shed some light on why it's so complicated to share the views.
  5. I saw a lot of players from strange countries become very good players in FM11, but the most memorable was a North Korean D C who one of my scouts found. Tried signing him with Tromsdalen in Norway, but I was determined to sign him on as a talent rather than a first team player so I lost him to FC Copenhagen. Fast forward a few years and he is dominating for Barcelona. Other than I remember finding some decent newgens in Uzbekistan (I was always keeping an eye on Paxtakor Toshkent's newgens). In FM14 I've found no newgens from obscure countries apart from a Singaporean D C that I have signed, but he isn't a wonderkid and it looks unlikely that he will develop past being a decent player.
  6. Thanks everyone! It's very nice to see that my tool is helping other people
  7. Note: The screener works with FM14 files as well, except Coach Views as there's a bug related to exporting them (detailed here) Hi y'all! I previously had a post here about this tool, but it was posted in the wrong forum and I really didn't feel like bumping it again. I have made some updates to this tool related to the presented result and processing speed. The main feature of the screener is that it can take a huge chunk of coaches, screen them all and provide the results of each coach. It is also possible to screen single coaches. Single coaches Turns this Into this Staff search Turns this Into this What you need to know Where to find the screener: http://www.fmscreener.com/screen How to export files from FM (explanation) How to upload the files to FMScreener (explanation) For a single coach view (detailed guide), simply click on the coach to see his bio and press CTRL-P, then save as either Web Page or Text File and upload it For a staff search view (detailed guide), you will have to configure your view to include some required attributes (refer to the detailed guide). I have created a pre-configured view which you can obtain by following these steps. The farther down you scroll in the view, the more coaches you can screen. Export the view as either a Web Page or a Text File, then upload it to the screener. [*]Export languages supported: / English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Italian (thanks to pauso!), Portuguese (thanks to Tó_Madeira!), Polish (thanks to Marcin Prokopiak. See the contribution page if you'd like to help me support more languages As you can see, some of the coaches in the staff search view have different background colors in certain categories. They are there to illustrate that they are either the very best coaches in that category (light green color), or the second-best coaches (light brown color). You can also sort the coaches by clicking on the headers (Name, Strength, Aerobic, Shot Stopping, etc) to easily find the best coaches in each category. Any questions? Do not hesitate to ask!
  8. Finally, after about a month, I've finally been able to complete the update I had in mind in my previous post. To be honest it has been quite problematic due to several development pitfalls and Christmas preparation and celebration. But that aside, I've bumped the life cycle up to Beta and added support for staff search exports. The usage guide for this view is described here. It allows you to screen over 20 coaches at once (depending on how many coaches FM outputs when exporting). Like always, I'd love feedback.
  9. Hey, that might actually be possible. I'm going to try to tweak the parser to accept a shortlist of some sort. Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. I guess what you described is one of the traditional calculators. As I wrote in the first post, I thought entering the numbers manually was tiresome when there were multiple coaches. That's why I created this website based on exports/screenshots/screen dumps. For a single coach, my screener might become tiresome (but it's accurate!)
  11. I experienced something similar with a player in my club. He played a game for the reserves, scored a great goal and his agent demanded a new contract. So I tried offering him one, but his agent said they were not interested AT ALL. So I pressed continue, and the same guy comes into my office saying he would really like an improved contract, so I tell him I will offer him one within a month. But yet again, his agent says they are completely uninterested. So after a while he demands to get transferlisted because I broke my promise. Made absolutely no sense to me...
  12. EDIT: I've made a new post regarding this tool here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/346134-FM13-web-based-coach-ratings-tool - read that thread instead! Hey folks! I have developed a web based tool to calculate coach ratings for several coaches at once. I finished it a couple of days ago, and I'd love some feedback on it if anyone would want to have a go at it. The reason I made it is because with traditional calculators you have to enter the numbers manually for each coach, and I wanted a tool that would make it easier. Keep in mind that this is fresh off the press, so it's not 100% perfect. I have some improvements planned, but right now I just want to make sure it works before I start expanding. To use the tool you'll have to export a coach view/biography (you know, where you can see all his attributes) to a text file or an html file. You do this by pressing the FM button, then Print Screen OR by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL-P if you have the default layout. Then go to http://www.fmscreener.com/, upload the file and you'll get his ratings. I have a more in depth guide here.
  13. I agree with you there, I would love to be able to manage in these countries without having to add unofficial leagues. So I've understood. However, as rancer890 says - and I believe this was the case in FM11 as I played the ACL every second season with SAFFC, if you participate in the final of the Confed Cup, you should qualify for the ACL the next season. I know they have coded the behavior of the ACL to prevent certain clubs to participate in the ACL like in reality, such as Wellington Phoenix of New Zealand that plays in the Hyundai A-League. But to once again mention the Seongnam case. They were in, and won, the Confederations Cup in 2014, but in 2015 they had no continental cup fixtures. They should meet every requirement for the ACL as they played in the ACL in seasons both before and after 2014. I agree! It is a shame. That's exactly why I'm so interested in finding out what the basis for newgens are. How could a country like HK theoretically produce a player that could at least play in a league with at least English Championship standard?
  14. Could anyone check with their saves if the Confederation Cup winners qualify for the ACL the next season?
  15. Hm. I just skimmed through a PDF file with the criterias. While after one season in HK the league gets expanded from 10 teams to 12 teams (target for ACL 2012), the number of league matches is just 22, and not 33 as the ACL 2012 target is. I guess if the criterias are implemented, HK would not fulfill them. However, as I noted, Seongnam did not automatically qualify for the ACL following their Confederations Cup victory, and I would believe South Korean teams meets the criteria as they already have 4 teams that enters the competition.