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  1. I would love this implemented in the next iteration. Another idea building on the above post would be for the range of stats (particularly mental) to be very wider when players are young and narrow down as they get older. Imagine being offered 7million for a 18 year old whose current and future attributes are still uncertain, do you sell or keep them in your squad. I truly feel this system will make squad selection more challenging and realistic. Do you pick your eleven on the advice of your assistant and coaching staff written/descriptive report or do you go based on performances? It would also make youth development more exciting as you would really need to trust your scouts, coaches & instincts. You would also be inclined to give youngsters time to see how they develop, unlike now when you can release half the youth intake knowing from their attributes they will never make it in their given position.
  2. 2d. It spares me seeing the poor animations when i concede. I'd rather imagine my defenders tried to do something sensible
  3. As a long term fan of the series I have to admit the current format is becoming a bit stale and easy. Here are a few suggestions i feel would be amazing for future iterations. Attributes / fog of war. I feel having stats from 1-20 is fine, however knowing a players attribute values is too easy. As a low level championship side I can scout a player on the other side of the globe & within a day or two know what his stats are. I feel Manager knowledge & reputation, Staff knowledge, Player reputation, scouting facilities and most importantly TIME should combine to determine how much information you get about a player. Example: Everyone will see C.Ronaldo, Messi, Ribery stats within a range of 1-2 values as they have world class reputation. Continental reputation players could have stats in a wider range (for example finishing 12-18), and the above factors will determine how narrow this range is, and how long it will take to narrow it further. Example, If I was managing Derby county, a 20 year old in the Brazilian second division with regional reputation will have most of his stats blank. Scouting should significantly impact on my finances, furthermore if my scout is a non portuguese speaking Brit with little brazilian knowledge it should take weeks to get a half decent scout report. Scout reports from training should be less informative (e.g stats could narrow from 5-20 to 9-16). Whereas after watchinf a few matches you could see a more significant narrowing of the stats in question. Of course how quickly and by how much these stats narrow will depend on the parameters described above. I honestly feel the game is too easy because i can tell which players are good & get a decent report in a few days. This is worsened by the fact the AI is always a step behind in terms of recruitment and squad management. The above system will make buying players a more thought out approach, especially when shelling out most of you budget on an unknown player. Imagine a mid level player in the greek league you've been scouting for a month and have managed to get his stats narrowed down to a range of 5 points, and all of a sudden another club make a bid for him. Do you pull the trigger and make an offer? Player stats should be a range for most players instead of a set figure, possibly even your own players as real managers don't have set values for their players. This way attributes, preferred moves & hidden stats will all give the game a more layered feel. This is extremely important when you get further in the game where there are too many good regens that can be easily poached.
  4. I mean seriously just won a game one nil but managed to hit the woodwork 5 times. Please someone tell me this is being addressed in the upcoming patch. Opposition ended with 9 players, i dominated the game and my shots were not from 50 yards. What made old versions FUN but also REALISTIC was top division strikers dont miss 7 one on ones. Even worse is in a match where over 36 shots 14 on target and 6 hitting the woodwork between both sides the score ends one nil, both goalies get a rating of 6.6. I don't see how that many shots can result in only one goal, however can result in 6 hitting a thin frame of metal. Love FM/CM always have and probably always will, but this version has to be one of the worst ME wise. Shots going through goalies, goalies passing to opposition strikers (regularly) to tap into open goal. But my biggest annoyance is the clucking WOODWORK aaargh
  5. To add onto above. It appears the game loads up an older version of one of my files (ie without recent changes), however there are no backup files to be found. Im puzzled to know how the editor is saving the file & those changes are implemented if run alone. However when run together the phantom older file loads???
  6. Same problem here. Ive got two edit files with two new leagues & players. Alone all the changes work. But together one seems not to update my changes. Any help??
  7. Fm has come leaps and bounds since i started playing CM 97/98. However those old games just worked out of the box, no patches no hotfixes, they just worked. I remember having george weah upfront and he scored most of his one on ones. None of this 9 shots, 4 on target, 2 saved and 3 woodwork nonsense. I feel in making the game more detailed it lost the fundamentals that made it fun. I mean as a manager tactics don't make world class players balloon shots wide and onto the post every match without defender pressure.
  8. I dont care what anyone says. Ive played enough fm/CM/video games in general in my lifetime to know when im being pawned by the AI. Seriously 18 shots, 13 on target, 5 clear cut chances with strikers with high stats/morale. Guess what half saved my GK with match rating of 6.8, 4 hit the woodwork and the rest get shanked wide. This is a frequent occurrence. Ive tried one up top, two up top, wingers, 352, 442, 4231, slow tempo, cut out long shots, you name it I've done it. AI scores with on average 2-4 shots on target. This seriously is doing my nut. Its just so blatant its disgusting. I've never seen a team hit the woodwork >2 times a game, every game. Its NOT realistic in any shaoe or form. Now whether this is some way keep scores realistic & stop my team destroying the AI by 5 to 8 goals a game is something i've contemplated. I just dont understand why a team can nearly every game have worse shot conversion than the AI on such a consistent basis. I think this needs to be addressed because dominating and losing/drawing games on such a regular basis on different saves, different tactics with different variables tells me its the ME & not my tactics.
  9. I personally cannot stand these repeated updates. When your team are wasting shots and playing poo everyone here will claim the ME is perfect & its your tactics. So i go and take time to adjust my tactics and results improve. New update arrives and a team unbeaten in 13 cant hit a barn door with in excess of 15 shots on target & to make it worse im conceding 1 goal per 3-5 shots on target against me. Its just unrealistic. And to confirm none of these are ling shots its just super AI goal keeper reflexes and shots hitting the post etc.. What is frustrating is people say my old tactics were exploiting the ME (the so called good ME when i was losing). It seems if you losing its your tactics, if yoir losing after ME update your tactics were exploiting broken ME. WHICH is it??? I just dont see 40 shots & over 25 on target and not scoring a goal with world class players as well against teams that ship on average 3-5 a game.
  10. Is it an established bug where ai controlled teams put in low bids for players. Impossible to sell youngsters that have performed at av.rating >7.5 on loan & ai putting in £1mill bids for star players valued at 4-6 million. This is making squad management in pre-season difficult. If there is a fix could someone help. Ive already cleared cache and restarted
  11. Agree strikers dont get involved and when they do seem clueless
  12. Im done now. I just cant deal with players not doing what they are told. GK shot passing, distribute to defenders however keeps lumping it forward. Playing short patient slow build up & dominating shots but players dont score. Just lost 2 games one nil where i had more than 25 shots and 10-15 on target, no suprise AI have less than 4 shots in total & win. Its just silly now.
  13. My defenders are my highest goal scorers in december. Strikers just dont get involved & when they do fluff chances irrespective of tactics, player or opposition
  14. Agree. Strikers are broken. Missing sitters, shooting directly at keeper. Drawing and losing games because of this. ME needs work.
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