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  1. I'd say keep him, he plays well for me and has dragged us through a couple of big games/cup matches on his own at times. You could end up spending that money on another star that either does not perform or doesn't fit your tactic as good as Coutinho does.
  2. I was wondering the same thing, i usually try sell him early on too.... Sabine sold exactly the same players that i did but he got far more than me... confused!
  3. First of all I’d like to thank Cleon for this thread, it has helped me appreciate the game more and as a result I am getting a lot more out of this version than any other to date. If it wasn’t for this thread and several others on the forum I would have given up on the game months ago. I use to just grab someone else super tactic, sign the players I wanted and that would be it, id get success and pretty much soon after get bored and look forward to the next version of the game, rinse and repeat. Now things have changed and seem a whole lot more comprehensive and rewarding from my point of view, I have just completed my 3rd season (1st using this guide) and won the PL with Liverpool losing only once (in the league) all season. Now it may be down to having assembled a really good squad, but the guide definitely helped me get the team and players playing football how I wanted. I also won the League cup and had a decent run in the FA (got beat 1-0 off Man U in the semi, even though I battered them) and managed to get to the CL quarter final but lost 5-4 on aggregate to PSG mainly because I got beat the in the first leg 4-1 because Allen thought it would be a good idea to elbow someone after 7 mins and have an early bath. I need to work on a 10 man strategy in case this happens again. I know its not a major achievement when compared to some of the guys threads on the journeys they have taken with teams etc but it is the first time I won the league in this save and the first time ever I have won the league using my own tactic (if I can call it my own ) Last season I fixed my def line and temp because it seemed to work for me but I thought this might break too many shouts, so this season I am putting them on default settings along with passing, I want to see if I can control things more specifically with the shout system. I also used a winger – attack and Inside forward – attack combo, which seemed to go well. This season as I am stronger than most teams, I have opted to make my striker a Complete Forward – support and have the MC’s: CM – Attack and AP – Support. I am currently 3 games in and the MC’s have scored and assisted in every match so far. Now that I have a really young super squad, I have started to focus on youth after reading Cleons Ajax thread, which should help keep the game interesting and fun for some time yet. Thanks again Cleon and all the others that have contributed on this thread and throughout the forum.
  4. I have them both and they play really well in this Tactic, i use V1 and it saved me my job and allowed me to win the domestic treble, but i got robbed in the CL semi final. Only started using the tactic half way through the season too (S2 so some decent signing for my Liverpool tema by then)
  5. Looks like i might have to, i think he would be good to have in my team at the moment, but might become a problem in a few seasons Ok cheers mate, i'll see what happens
  6. I can get Man City to accept £6m for Tevez but he wont talk to me because the talks broke down last time (in Jan now in June) any idea what i could do?
  7. lol, dono sometimes he is as good as a man missing in my games... he was getting injured a lot in my demo save but has been injured for a while now in this save!
  8. Alright lads Only 5 games away from when my game crashed the other day, managed to win the League cup again with a 4-1 win over Chelsea in the final (it was 3-0 last time)... I couldnt sign Hazard this time so i went for Niang. I wanted to sell Kuyt in January but i knew only Sunderland would come in for him and he wouldn't go to them (happen in my last game before the crash) so i had an arguement with him and chucked him in the reserves, anyway he didnt sell so we kissed and made up, and since then he has been banging the goals in playing AML as inside forward attack. Not happy with Stevie G (in the game not on the forum ) i cant seem to get the best out of him i put Ayew in reserves until he is fit again, his first game game back in the reserves he got man of the match and his agent wanted an improved contract for him... told him to do one!
  9. I've played him as poacher and he has been scoring well for me the little goofy gooffor!
  10. how far off 2nd and 1st were you glen? also did you win any cups in that season? think i was heading for 3rd place at worst before my game crashed, so i'd be interested to know if that is good enough to keep me my job.
  11. My computer was playing up but it didnt say anything about not saving etc... i had bought hazard too as he was unsettled
  12. 8 games to go in season 1, in 2nd place 9pts off Man u and level on poits with Spurs but i have nine more goals than them Chelsea are 4th but 11pts behind us. Ive won the league cup but went out early to Man u in the FA cup... do you think if i slip up and spurs finish above me i will get the chop?
  13. I scouted him and was told i would get him for £2m, when i asked Porto how much they wanted for him they said £2.2m... im in October Season 1
  14. Do you think Fernando from Porto is asking too much with his £35k a week wage and £10k app fee?
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