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  1. I tried v6 but didn't find the striking partnership so great so I did the opposite to which some guys did here. The right handed striker I gave mixed instructions on everything, lowered his CF to the lowest and mixed forward runs. He and the other striker then had a good time I think having them on identical instruction means they'll be doing the exact same thing. See if it works for any of you guys
  2. I have a dataupdate which I've done myself if anyone wants it? It's fairly accurate and has updated players as well
  3. Seems like you've just started the season. Give it a few more matches. It usually takes my teams a while to adjust to a new season unless I haven't made a few signings.
  4. Micah Richards is my favourite FM08 player. Although I never got him with AFC Wimbledon (unremovable from AC Milan) he still kept going well into 37-38 years of age. Now he's assistant manager to Gerrard at Liverpool
  5. I'm officially the new Arsenal of football I knwo they're all regens so you won't know them but there's such a blend of world class players, wonderkids and experience. I'm sure Mr Wenger would be quite impressed. Ramazan, Hogmo, Gomez and Merkel are all classed as world class players. Marcos, Correia, Lopes and Muller are all wonderkids. Bialek, Jones, Nicolini and Christensen are all experienced (Bialeks also recently beaten Batistuta's all time league scoring ) Castagna, Carlos, Batista and Badiane were all classed as wonderkids last year. The only difficult thing at the moment is keeping everyone happy. Every transfer window every player on the team is wanted. Even all my kids in the U20's are being chased because I buy all the best one's when they are young. The best thing however is I'm confident everyone can do the job when asked upon. Injuries have never been short of cover and rotation is a breeze. God I love this team
  6. tbh the only thing that bugs me about FM08 is the bad physical stats of regens. Yes if you do look around then you'll find excellent ones but they are very few. Other then that I'm pleased as punch to wait until FM10 and playing 08 whilst I wait.
  7. I've pretty much been every team in the EPL from the start apart from Man Utd, Arsenal or Chelsea. Somehow I just couldn't bare the thought of beating Liverpool with them I guess a poor comp spoils a good career game becuse I have to have loads of leagues loaded otherwise it's no fun.
  8. I'm on season 2029/2030 at the moment. Spent 5856 days (16 seasons) at AFC Wimbledon pulling them up from BS South to the Premiership and left them in the best condition possible. Last season there I went the EPL undefeated, retained the Champions League, had a healthy £400m bank balance and the top ranked team in Europe. Since then I've been at Fiorentina, starting my sixth season. When I took over they were nothing but mid-table halfweights. In my starting XI there is noone left from the original team when I took over so basically I've transformed the team into a formidable force. As we speak I've opened up the Serie A campaign with P10 and W10. Good times
  9. Delfouneso went to Newcastle and then Arsenal in my game and he was a pain in the butt. Nimely and Tamuz never seem to turn out great in my games and always end up in midtable teams but Delfouneso is a good buy With my Fiorentina save I think I have the best crop of players available in the game at the moment. 3 ranked as World Class, 3 ranked as wonderkids, a striker who scores on average over a goal per game. (he has 8 in 3 at the moment in the new season ) and the rest are classed as leading Serie A stars by my AssMan. Unfortunatly not a lot fo Italian talent in the team apart from my two defenders and another rotating. It's difficult to find Italian NewGens coming through
  10. Finally!!! Took 5 years of being behind Milan but we finally did it \o/
  11. I only just bought him so I have really nothing to do with the physical stats. But otherwise I do set high physicalk training in pre-season which does help a couple of points here and there wihch helps in the long run.
  12. Yup. Plus they've just gone up so he has 15/15 Pace/Acc and 14 stamina so he could turn out great this lad. Hopefully I'll clinch the league thsi year. So tired of coming 2nd behind Milan.
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