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  1. is there a link to download the new version?
  2. Hi LB, any news of when you are updating to work with 11.3? is it a major rework or just a bit of tweaking?
  3. Thanks Littleblue, as always every year you come up with a gem
  4. Actually I played porto and the commentary said " and the Hulk has been hurt ! " or similar... I actually laughed, cos I imagined some green monster to start tearing up the pitch and just getting even more angry !!!
  5. i played whole season 11/12 won easily, until about late Feb, when i installed 7.0.2, and now i am losing, and losing badly, drawing silly games... something has happened, players are off form, its all going horribly wrong... btw i am arsenal, with rooney and podolski upfront !!!
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