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  1. Hi! My game is crashing every time I process further in the game at the same date - every time. I've already tried to verify game files and delete cache and preferences folders, but it didnt help. See the attached crash dump, and I've uploaded the save game to the SI Cloud service. File name: LiverpoolGame8ToSI.fm In-game crash date: 9 January 2027. I have not used any editors or any custom files. Everything is vanilla/stock. Cheers. FM 2019 v19.3.6.1242975 (2020.02.13 21.48.17).dmp
  2. Shouldn't you being a journeyman only increase the likelihood of you getting a son? ..
  3. Why? His father clearly have been living in England for quite some time, in which lead his son to live in England for his whole life - thus getting an English nationality.
  4. Lol.. Your own son. Awesome. Just awesome. I want one too!!
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