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  1. I do prefer winger/IF instead of 2 AMC´s. The same goes with the 4123., two winger/IFs instead of 3 at the top. Looking for a tactic that i can use from lower leagues, and bulding a squad/academy around and use on my way up Thanks!
  2. Hi @knap, not sure if this is the right place to ask. But. I will go on a long term save with one of your tactics, either one of the 3421´s or the 4123 with IF. Wich one would you recommend? Thanks in advance
  3. Will def do! EDIT; Using different setup for the training. Dont know if its better or worse. But. Using Balanced Average - Def. Positioning. Please tell me about youre experience using the setup @kun^^ promotes, and other ones.
  4. This is the first season using the tactic. But from the winter window season before, i started selling and recruiting to make te tactic fit properly after the season. Sold of 1 DM of mine. Signed Lovera for free as AMC. Sold S. Saiz and E. Alioski because the were to old (29 & 28). Still, despite being 3 seasons in the PL, having the lowest salarys in the league all 3 seasons in a row. Almost 18£ mill under Middlesbrough. My first team as follow; D. Raya L. Coyle B. Kamara Batubinsika Chilwell R. Vieira G. Donsah (McKennie in Jan) Trincão (H.Wilson) Lovera T. Roberts K. Temenuzhkov Some great youngsters on the bench; K. Ackermann (soon to be key-player) M. Downing D. Valente W. Fennell (regen, from Leeds academy) W. Mellor (regen, from Leeds academy) Thoose in bold are players i've had since first season. So. To your question It works great right!!
  5. @kun^^ 10 games into my 4th season with Leeds, I must say that this tac makes the play flourish! Youngsters T.Roberts, Temenuzhkov, Trincão and R.Vieira playing wonderful football. And the trio upfront scoring goals and making assist like never before. Geniusly! Thanks for a superb tactic Edit; What about the offisde trap, feels like the team get a bit exposed from time to time... Any experience of NOT using it?
  6. What if i change the dispositions of the AMC and the F9, and it become more symmetric? Would it affect the tactic anything?
  7. Would be nice to see how this one would do it with a Lower league team. Do you think the idea is appliable on teams with lower rated players aswell?
  8. Hi Franky, Just a question on the MENTALITY AND SUGGESTED USAGE-section. This might be a silly one, due to the fact my english is pretty poor. But, what is the main difference between "opponent is favourite" and when "opponent is odds on favourite"? Will try this one out on a long term save in the english league system soon Cheers mate
  9. Hi! Okay, so thats the onluy tweaking you made? You played the more defensive one with Ferencvaros and Lille? You play the same approach both home & away? cheers
  10. Looks great! What happened 2nd season in Hungary? Went from 17 GA to 30?? Lost some good defenders?
  11. Ohh, Used your latest tactic. With such a great success that I stopped playing FM when the tac didn't worked out anymore. Such a great one. As above, will it work with any team? And, do you use this every game? cheers FusS
  12. FWT, Are you using some transfer update on your saves?
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