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  1. Looking forward to try this out with my Marseille save! Been using your tweak of the TEA FOR ONE 4-2-3-1 in several saves before, with amazing results. Took charge of Djurgården in Swedish top division (using TFO). Took them to both EL and UCL three times during the 3.5 years I was there, made a transfer profit around 65€, which is HUGE in that division throughout that period.
  2. Cool! Thanks for the reply. Is this tweak something you will work something more on, and release?
  3. @Darkonn I see you've uploaded the tactic to FM-scout, when downloading from there the AMC is a shadow striker, some update you made? Anything else switched from the tactic here?
  4. I might be dumb, blind and disorientated, but where can I find the recommended list? (yes, been searching the excel-doc, but this only occur:
  5. Yeah, I know that. But can't seem to find that independent Norwich list. Maybe I'm looking In the wrong place....? @knap
  6. Maybe a silly question. But how do we now which of the tactics works with Norwich? Underdog ones?
  7. Ok! Just wanted to know which of your PREACHIN-version you would recommend? Thanks!
  8. Cheers! Which is the most consistent regardless of prediction in league and club size ?
  9. @knap Which one would you consider better, PREACHIN BLUES or HOLY GHOST, when using a 451?
  10. I mean, would you suggest doing the tweaks you did with the Southampton team (dropping intensity of pressing etc) with any other tactic? Thanks!
  11. RDF, would you consider to do the tweaking you've mentioned here with any other tactic with the same TI? Thanks!
  12. What are Santos prediction in Brasilian division? And, have you tried this with any other team or in any other division?
  13. Using the TEA FOR ONE UroKnap 4231P101 tactic with Marseille during the 22/23 season. Was at first position until the last game vs PSG, which they've won and then past thru me in the table. Unbeaten in the league until round 34, were we lost to Lyon away... Very, very consistent tactic despite a totally new team from the beginning of the season. Every player that didn't fit the tactic or was above 27 years of age were sold, and new younger players were brought in. Sticked with POSITIVE mentality throughout the whole season. (No UCL/ EL due to Marseille ended up 12th place the season before). Thanks @knap!!
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