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  1. Hi, You got this to work? I'm also looking for this as a separate panel.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to merge the Dutch and Belgium cup but don't seem to make it work. Any pointers on where to start or perhaps a real live example of such a cup that I can use as a template?
  3. So, faceinthegame still isn't optional. Bummer
  4. Could we also remove the file to get rid of the 'faceinthegame' regens? They have disturbed me ever since they got introduced.
  5. Thanks, I should have tried this first. Unfortunately though, the issue is not fixed with this. Any other tips?
  6. Bumping this since it just started happening for me. This behavior started out of nowhere, haven't had any issues until a few days back. Anyone with some ideas?
  7. Hi, I noticed that with the new patch out, the league table widget (also post-match) does no longer work. Instead it just gives a blank. Also noticed that there are some spacing issues on the match screen when doing the team-talk (the 'effect on morale' column doesn't show). Is this easy to update? Something we can do ourselves? Keep up the good work!
  8. I'm sure you can't with the IGE. When you want to change this I believe you'd be stuck with a 3rd party real time editing tool. Changing the city before a new game is done with the regular data editor.
  9. Nowhere on the contract page of the players does it say anything about bonuses or something alike. Just a big 'N/A'. It might be the expenses, too bad it doesn't show how much it is per player, anywhere. Let's get semi-professional soon =) Thanks for the replies!
  10. Love this skin! Besides some of the points already made above (colors when talking to players, etc) I noticed that the kits are the wrong way around (home kit for away team and vice versa) at the full time whistle and the score is shown. Other than that, great work once again!
  11. I am currently managing an amateur club and all my players and staff are on amateur contracts. There are a few loan signings, but I do not pay any wages for them either. All in all, I would expect to pay exactly 0 in wages trying to make a bit of a profit. Somehow this is not the case, as you can see below. Could anyone explain what wages I am paying?
  12. Hi, I've tried to attach a picture but it didn't work. The config XML has this line: <record from="857222" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/857222/stadium"/> The folder structure is /My documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014/graphics/stadiums I've got everything else to work (kits, faces, logo's, etc.) but this doesn't seem to work for me. Reloaded the skin, cleared cache... Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Thanks! I'm looking for a 'fresh' template basically. Since Google didn't give me a proper answer, you have a proper starting point? (Especially since the fansites are popping up like mushrooms nowadays)
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