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  1. No price on the page, that's just the specs of the machine. It will be a refurbed laptop for around £150. I want to do it as cheap as possible really which is why i was looking at refurbs.
  2. Looking for some more help please. I'm looking to buy a refurbed Lenovo R61 - Intel core 2 due 1.8/2.0 ghz Running on XP http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/detail.page?LegacyDocID=MIGR-67707 I'm not bothered about the graphics as i only play 2D. Will this run FM12 & 13 ok? If so how many leagues? Advice would be much appreciated.
  3. Now I'm confused...This one is 2.6 ghz processor yet i wont be able to run anything else with it? http://www.thelaptopcentre.co.uk/cheap-refurbished-laptops/toshiba-tecra-m10-10h-intel-core-2-duo-m-226ghz-2gb-ram-160gb-hdd-dvd-rw-windows-141-widescreen-wifi.html
  4. I'd rather not go pricier, The links only open as a dell error so i can't see what they are, how much are they?
  5. Is this due to lack of hard drive space? Will it run the internet? Will the game itself run pretty quick and with how many leagues? Cheers.
  6. Chap, would any of the laptops listed on the first two and half pages (of link below, upto about £230) be suitable for FM12 and FM13 not bothered about graphics card as i tend to play commentary only. http://www.thelaptopcentre.co.uk/cheap-refurbished-laptops/page/1/order/3/ Thanks in advance.
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