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  1. just downloading carnt wait to see lol
  2. I am so bored and frustrated

    yes i do experience these problems, i played as man utd and rooney missed every one on one in my first season but for some strange reason he didnt have any problems scoring 25-30 yarders also when rooney did get tackled and fouled by the last man i remmember the last defender only ever receving 1 red card all season
  3. I am so bored and frustrated

    cheers i think ill give it a good look sound very interesting and probs very motivating ty:D
  4. I am so bored and frustrated

    sorry what is cse sounds like a good place to be just had a look is it the challenges and sign ups and experements
  5. I am so bored and frustrated

    i grasp that and think ill be staying away after the patch sorry to say that but i dont think ill be able to go through what im going through now
  6. I am so bored and frustrated

    yes indeed very frustrating
  7. I am so bored and frustrated

    sorry if i didnt make myself clear ive allready got the game just sad i carnt bring myself to play it untill the new patch comes out
  8. I am so bored and frustrated

    to be fair there are lots of problems with the match engine from what ive read and im too not willing to start a long term game untill they are fixed its a shame really because i absolutly love the game and hate being not able to play it i feel gutted
  9. I am so bored and frustrated

    well i didnt have any problems to start off with but after reading post after post complaint after complaint i guess they have got stuck in my head and i dont want to start a new game till they patch it. namley long shots, defenders unable to tackle, missing out on my shortlisted players, the problems with regens making a long term game unplayerble and my biggest gripe is that bloody lines man pointing the flag the wrong way:D
  10. I am so bored and frustrated

    i did at first and thought it was and is a fantastic game and it took all my time up but i feel part of a family comming on these forums if i need help and always getting a answer day or night. dont really want to miss out on that but it looks like ill have to soon
  11. I am so bored and frustrated

    ive spent the last 5 days just reading post after post each evening just while i wait for the new patch but maybe staying away after the new patch is released and not comming on again till mid feb is probs a good idea
  12. I am so bored and frustrated

    i know this may sound odd but i dont really have a bank card to be able to buy from online strange i know and cannot really afford to purchase fm09 again being its xmas but thanks for the idea
  13. A suggestion to SI

    i think he or she is going on about compensation for the clubs who have there managers poached
  14. I will say comming on these forums and reading everyone complaining about the game as put me off playing the game big time. well at least untill the new patch comes out. i didnt and woudnt have a clue about all the problems going on with the game if id have stayed away. just reading the tital of some threads puts me off. so why am i bored? because ive no game to play untill the new patch comes out and i dont really enjoy doing much else in the evening. in fact i dont have any copys of previous fms so i carnt play them so what do i do. is there anything i could be doing on fm10 with the current patch that will keep me busy and maybe keep my mind off the bugs that come with it or do i stick my head in the sand and wait wait wait. god dam its xmas time and i feel so depressed:( ridergirl09
  15. Cheaters

    do people still do that lol there are editors for that now. personaly i dont do either.