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  1. Sorry for the late reply guys, thanks for the feedback. I restarted my save and followed the advice in the guide and on this thread and it's working a lot better. What I did: 1 - put match training on tactics only 2 - trained only 1 tactic 3 - other slider went on fitness until 2 friendlies left and then switched to team cohesion 4 - I arranged 10 friendlies plus charity shield 5 - only allowed team rest after match and not before The familiarity is now almost full, only problem being coach is worried because we only have 1 tactic prepared Thanks
  2. Hey all basically I'm playing as man utd and no matter what I do, my tactic familiarity stays at the bare minimum for half the season, this has now happened 4 times (as I've restarted a lot). I have match training on tactics only and the other training on tactics (also tried team cohesion here) I'm not sure what else to do and I do believe its affecting my performances drastically. I'm aware that the formation was a change of style at the club so I expected it to be minimum to start with but after that many matches it should go up surely. Thanks for any advice all
  3. Hi Guys Just started my save last night which im hoping I will carry over to the full release. These are my signings so far, also have Honda coming in January for free: Using the following experimental tactic which look to best utilise Kagawa/Rooney/RVP/Draxler. Working well so far. May switch it to 4-3-2-1 instead of 4-2-3-1 Draxler has been good so far - No "we are getting overrun in midfield" shouts from ass man - At least 60% possession in each of my 8 matches - lots of shots on target
  4. Hey guys Just wondered if I get the beta and get half way through a season for example, will I be able to continue this while also experiencing the full list of release day patch notes or will I need to start a new game to get all the changes? I'm aware that in the FAQ it says we can transfer saves but doesn't mention whether that save will be stuck in a beta state. Thanks for any replies
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