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  1. Hi Lucas, What do you recommend me to do? Keep playing in 2D It's still strange, because in FM2016 I haven't got any problems at all.
  2. Hi Knap! Great tactic! Which ons should be used against stronger opponents? Because you posted a 'contain' one and a 'counter' one. Thanks!
  3. Yes, with 2D I have no problems at all. So you recommend to play in 2D? It's still strange, because with FM2016 I had no problems at all.
  4. No, it doesn't. Still lagging. I have no idea...
  5. Normally I have 'stadium' turned off as well.
  6. Hello SI A Football Manager 2017 match in 3D runs very slow, with a lot of lagging. With FM2016, there weren't any problems during a game. I've tried everything; delete logo's, faces etc. and just select 1 nation to play in, but nothing worked, There isn't also a anti-virus or other programs running while playing. Any advise? Thanks in advance! PS. my apologize for the first picture which is in Dutch.
  7. Alright, I will try Swifst Shader. Thank you!
  8. Hi, the 3D works on high detail, but I have to turn off Stadiums, sky, weather ect. I play the game on a MAC. What to do? Do you think that with the full game (5th november) it will run better?