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  1. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    SI wtf is going on?? Any danger of you answering our questions please?? How can a game work one day then through no fault of my own just stop working!?
  2. Joint top after 18 games in first season, murdered tottenham and arsenal away. Team is - Given Srna Skrtel Richards Bridge Tymoschuk De Jong Ireland Elano Robinho Wagner Love Bought in kuzmanovic, Di maria, Cardozo, Asenjo as prospects. Got rid of Benjani, Petrov, Vassell etc. Skrtel playing out of his skin for 15 mil and you have to buy Wagner love, steal at 14mil. Tymoschuk and De jong playing very well together as well. Playing counter attack with Elano and Robinho playin lots of through balls to Love, Robinho had high creative freedom and a free role too and is on fire. Will let you know if form continues throughout season. Di Maria is brilliant as well as a left winger.