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  1. Not sure if it's a bug but this thing is annoying: Scrolling up on some drop down menus increases the value and one some it decreases it. Very inconsistent. For example scrolling up on minimum release clause will increase it while scrolling up on 'sell on fee %' decreases it.
  2. In my first PL season with 12 games to go Everton are on top with a 7 point lead.
  3. Really, how can I make scouts keep scouting players until they reach 100% knowledge? In personal assistant I set it to 3 matches. Pressed get scout report on Vietto. 2 weeks later a report arrives, 40% complete. I check my scouting pool queue and he's not there, meaning scout just stopped scouting him though he's not done.
  4. Having a rough time with Liverpool. No matter what tactics we play terribly. Start of January for me now, league table is Everton - 50 City - 43 Arsenal - 39 Chelsea - 37 Liverpool - 37 Tottenham - 36 Man Utd - 36 And that's with a few rage quits, otherwise I'd be in relegation battle I suppose Sold Enrique to Stoke, PSG are buying Can for £36M. I am going to buy Sven Bender for 6m as a replacement. Haven't played since FM14 and with new scouting system I find it hard to find any gems to buy.
  5. Some annoyances after 25+ matches: after seeing my fullbacks wasting too many crosses (like 4 completed out of 35 per game) I told them to cross less but now I only have 5 crosses per game. Seems like another extreme. having way too many offsides due to strikers being struck by teammates' shots
  6. Added time seems to be 2 minutes every game. Whether there were no goals or 4 goals in 45 minutes.
  7. Thanks, that's better. I can choose the scout (or leave it at "let chief scout decide who to send there") for all assignments except scouting the next opposition.
  8. I am just bummed that instead of a quick 'scout player' button I now have to go to reports > assign a scout > scouting pool > select time. So much slower...
  9. (Maybe it's not new but I didn't buy FM 15) Scouting a player - if I press 'get scout report' will the player be scouted until he's 100% known? Or just the first initial report (about 28% it seems) and to get more I'll have to click scout again and again? Can I disable inbox messages until he's scouted up to 100%? Scouts themselves - can't seem to assign anything from scout's profile. For example I wanted my worst scout to do opposition reports as I always did before. However going to his profile > assignments > assigning did nothing after pressing OK. I can only assign tasks from scouting > assign a new task but there I don't see an option to choose a specific scout. The game keeps auto assigning my 19/19 scout to opposition scouting and he's wasted there. Thanks in advance.
  10. SSD improve loading times significantly but I am wondering it's that important for FM? I am kind of low on space and would like to move it to HDD. The game stores almost everything in RAM so SSD may only help with initial launch am I right? Anyway would like to hear your opinions guys whoever tried both SSD and HDD.
  11. The most common thing is changing players' training to fitness and high load (if it's still in this year). In the very first preseason I also fire most of my staff and replace them with better ones, send scouts everywhere and check whether there are good free agents available.
  12. Well it's close to real life. Teams like Stoke and Crystal Palace can outspend top 5 of Italy or France.
  13. Is anyone playing on i5 4670 or 4690? Any recommendations on number of leagues/players? Choosing the same amount of leagues and db size as I did in FM13 on Q6600 with 4gb of RAM shows estimated game speed as 3 stars (on Q6600 it was 2 stars iirc). Quite disappointing.
  14. Thanks everyone. I'll just do tactics and trainings in advance and maybe make a shortlist of good players. Hope I don't get sucked into Fallout 4
  15. I don't want to start a long term game and find out the db is outdated/has critical errors in a week. Also would you recommend starting a long term save now? I haven't played FM since FM14 and not sure if current beta has some major flaws/bugs.
  16. Well I didn't in my game. The planning went on for 3 years then just nothing happened. 2 years later I asked again they declined and another planning began.
  17. If he appeared in the first season he could be good by 2016-2017.
  18. FM13 though... So far by 2023 in FM14 I only managed one 7-0 victory
  19. Known bug. It's better to save before asking the board to build a new stadium and reload if they disagree (without asking again).
  20. Sometimes it would show a red arrow next to a 20 points attribute, why is that?
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