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  1. I wonder if I can change this as a setting anywhere? Alberto Moreno is Alberto in ME, Yarmolenko is somehow Iarmolenko and there were a few other oddities I've seen.
  2. Game endings seem to be extremely anticlimatic. In 1.5 seasons I've only seen 2-3 matches where 4 minutes have been added, in 80% of matches there are no highlights in the final 5 minutes and referees blow the whistle at exactly x:00 seconds, not letting even a few seconds to be overplayed even when one of the teams is in attacking position.
  3. Two random thoughts after playing a few games just now: Some passing combinations are fantastic. I see prettier goals than I could produce in fifa/pes. Players choose the worst moments to shoot it seems. They won't shoot when open, instead they'll dribble forward and shoot when the defender is 2 feet away from them, resulting in a blocked shot.
  4. A few days before transfer window closes, any suggestions who to buy? Have £70M in the bank. I suppose a new LW would be nice to cover for Coutinho? Squad seems good enough, next step would be buying real superstars but nobody is interested. Should have bought Pogba for 90m
  5. Ok it worked for 2 months but then again my DOF started offering contracts himself. Um?
  6. Same, signed Ronaldinho for tutoring purposes but wasn't able to assign anyone to him.
  7. Well I'd love to have IFs on the wings but Coutinho and Lallana are 'greener' as APs. To be honest I don't know how big the penalty is for playing in a less suited role so I keep my players at maximum suitability and it means playing with 3 playmakers. At the start of the second season Juventus accepted my 90M offer for Pogba and he's ready to sign for 200k per week, really don't know what to do!
  8. Seems to be working now, but only kicked in when the new season started.
  9. Yes, here it is: To be honest my team played very poorly for the majority of the season (was 8th on Christmas) then magically in January they started performing until mid-April.
  10. When I add a player to transfer targets DOF will try to sign them. If he succeeds I'd like to offer a contract myself because DOF offers ridiculous clauses like 20% yearly rise. Is it possible? Handles new signing contract negotiations for players in your First Team in responsibilities set to myself.
  11. Thanks, but I also tried the 16.1.1 preset and the result is the same for me.
  12. that 4-2-3-1 standard/structured which is on the pic, 4-3-3 control/flexible and 4-4-2 diamond counter/fluid. 4-4-2 is pretty terrible though
  13. Wow Britos' OG on 90th minute brings me the title in the first season Competitions overview: Lost 4:0 to Chelsea in FA semi and 5:0! to Dynamo Kyiv in EL final Player awards and team of the season. And transfers (started with no budgets) in january: sold Can for £36m to PSG and Enrique for 1.1m to Stoke bought Sven Bender (5.5), Gotze (30), De Sciglio (20) and Munoz (13.25).
  14. Where do you find it this year? And how do you use it? I remember trying to set it up to track competitions I am not in but it never worked for me as well as I wanted.
  15. Check your subscriptions settings. I have 2 annoyances to add: 1. In the top calendar when I play in knockout rounds it always says for example Dortmund (1st) or Chelsea (1st), though it's a cup competition and they don't hold any particular places. 2. When my players return from loans I get no notifications. I've sent my youngster on short term loans twice this season (didn't really check for how long) and then twice in pre-match team selection I suddenly see that he's available. Apparently his loan finished some time earlier but I wasn't told.
  16. Milner scored 8 goals all season, 5 of them against United including two braces in Europa League quarter finals
  17. Sigh I really didn't want to bother with FTPs again but since you asked so nicely http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/442882-16-1-1-Unnecessary-risky-throw-in?p=10580220#post10580220
  18. Thanks, got it working! However I can't seem to fuse together body language and ratings. If I switch to <!-- BR4 Modified Body Lang panel - shows nu, st, name, con, rat, blang, goals [15.1.3] --> <widget class="match_home_team_motivation_short_panel" file="match team stats popup" id="htms"> <translation id="title" translation_id="331892" type="use" value="Home Player Body Language" /> </widget> <widget class="match_away_team_motivation_short_panel" file="match team stats popup" id="atms"> <translation id="title" translation_id="331834" type="use" value="Away Player Body Language" /> </widget> the panel is called body language but displays same info as player ratings.
  19. Oh man I remember using this for FM14, instadownload! However I am bad at editing these, mind giving a few pointers to make classic wide split 2-2-3 instead of 1-1-2 so I can fit even more info?
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