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  1. Yes, just rename your "\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\graphics" to 2016
  2. Enjoying FM16, but I can't stop thinking it is one of the worst ones in terms of UI oversights. Assigning roles: A huge blank area below role and duty description where attributes can easily fit - why not put them on the same page instead of separate tabs. Player instructions: Options to mirror instuctions from one position to another (especially if those are identical like a pair of CMs) or at least to quickly add all 'natural' players to position. News that players were removed from shortlist: FM has ctrl/shift+click support in 99% screens but not here. Why? Very frustrating to readd these one by one. Team reports: So many dropdowns! Considering they also like closing randomly you are losing a lot of time navigating these. Tabs would have been perfect here. There are probably more but I don't remember now.
  3. No, there are rarely red cards in my games, just observing results in the league between AI. An awful lot of wins by teams with red cards.
  4. Won 2 PL titles as a manager with 'sunday league player' past experience and still getting 'felt the manager lacked credibility' from my players.
  5. I hate this. Most of the time it drags for a full real minute or two and you are just stuck watching a dude wasting time with a throw in until the final whistle.
  6. I also have people changing haircuts, but I don't think it's a huge deal.
  7. Well I'll be damned, I even managed to get it working Thanks to you and Michael
  8. Anyone else seeing TONS of games where goals are scored in quick succession? Like 10, 12, 16 minutes.
  9. Seeing those unexpected news when I get a sale percentage from someone I shipped off long ago
  10. Terrible third season so far. Spent 160m but have 6W6L in the league. Team stopped playing again. On top of that I just lost Coutinho for 6 months in addition to already injured Brandt, Clyne, Sturridge and a few youngsters. Oh and both Gotze and Firmino have abysmal morale because they didn't like being rotated with each other and requested to be sold.
  11. I have 2 suggestions in regards to transfer centre UI which if implemented in one of the patches would make it 20 times better in my opinion: Add an indicator to transfer centre that the offer is non-negotiable. I offer a player for 10m, get 50 offer for 5m. I'd like to negotiate them all, so I select them all and want to choose Respond to all selected offers > Negotiate. But no, one of those 50 teams submitted an non-negotiable offer and because of it I can't bulk negotiate. There is no indicator which team it is and it's very frustrating and time consuming. Add an option to decline all loan offers with a specific squad status. If I offer a player for loan and want him to be a starter, I don't want to sift through 50 offers for the first team cover.
  12. Player ratings don't disappear if I put them into a lower half panel. Had the problem with only GK being displayed in the top one.
  13. How do I stop my players from simply smashing the ball forward (or out of play) when they are defending in numbers? For example my team is defending a corner, CB heads the ball away and it's picked up by my lone striker somewhere near the half way line. Instead of a) holding onto the ball b) trying to break away with it c) passing back to a teammate almost always he will just kick the ball forward to the opposition keeper or even out of bounds. This is happening with all 3 of my tactics including the one which definitely should prohibit this (control/retain possession/play out of defence/work the ball into the box).
  14. Finished the second season in the second place behind City despite beating them in the league 6-2 and 3-0. Really struggling with transfers now, every single player so far chose another club if there were multiple bids. Sold Moreno for 37m to Atletico but Rodriguez (chose City over me) and Gaya (too expensive) are out of reach. Benteke is hopefully being sold back to Aston Villa for 34m. Gotze, Insigne, Bender, Lucas and Firmino all need to be sold (unhappy with playing time except Lucas, who wants a new challenge). AI is frustrating, I set asking price to 6m and they keep spamming me with 3m offers.
  15. This assignment yielded 0 reports: http://i.imgur.com/mST3ypO.png This one (same settings) got 300: http://i.imgur.com/3vUFA71.png The difference was during the first one my club balance was -5m and during second one it was 90m.
  16. Could it be related to my finances? I wasn't under any restrictions and had 50m transfer budget but my overall balance was -15m. I don't think scouts should stop working in this case but it could be the problem?
  17. It's not how it works though. Stars are relative to your team. There should be hundreds of players found in my case. When it works (with the same assignment settings btw) they find 250-300 players per country.
  18. I have 2 pending transfers, 136k p/w in total. Should still be plenty of money left. However I had a negative 5m balance overall, maybe it was the reason? In this case I don't know why the board wouldn't take some money from the transfer kitty and cover the losses, I would still be able to sign Pogba.
  19. I have the same problem when I send scouts to a specific nation. For example I sent my JPA/JPP 19/20 scout to Germany to find all players younger than 23 with 3 stars potential rating (should be lots of players) - he returned with 0 reports. Sent him to England with same instructions - again.
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