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  1. My issue with DOF is that he offers ridiculous contracts. There was a player with a really low release clause so I just clicked 'add as transfer target'. DOF bought him and offered him rotational status (to a 16 year old) with a 9.5k per week + 15% yearly raise. I immediately canceled it and made my own offer, player's initial demands were hot prospect and 1.3k p/w. So somehow my DOF decided to be generous and offered an 8 times better contract than player asked for.
  2. I may have a save for this (been happening to me). Saved before the Capital One Cup final and after the game my player on loan at Villareal got a bonus.
  3. AI isn't great at developing players though so it's unlikely even 10 of them would reach 190 CA
  4. I am not far enough to have them fully developed but these are the best ones at the moment
  5. Had exactly the same issue, couldn't find a way to do it. The button was also greyed out, maybe a bug?
  6. I did the db change before starting the save and Germany had a proper national team. All was fine. However I got them in the World Cup quarter final and saw that their players were all grey. How could it happen during a running save? I am very bummed at the moment, this could make me scrap my 6 year long save
  7. I try to sign everyone as backup or rotation so they don't whine about playing time.
  8. As I posted earlier But just now I visited my team's profile page and Man City are nowhere to be seen. So from fierce competitive rivals they were gone in 2 seasons. Is this a bug?
  9. I think I posted this years ago but anyway. Randomly generated sponsor names and kit designs. First kit color and design would remain pretty much the same every year, secondary kit would be chosen from colors set in the DB and more drastic design changes, third kit would be pretty much 'anything goes'. Then add randomly generated sponsor names (like Boston Waffles, Green Energy, whatever, basically random X + random Y), a few logo placement presets and font colors and you never have to see at the same kits every year.
  10. CL final in 20/21 Leverkusen - Dynamo Kyiv I lost in quarter finals to Bayer, could have had a quintuple. Got a little prize though -
  11. Not sure if my game was broken with 16.1 or you added it in 16.2 and if that's the case THANK YOU for these popups in development graphs - http://i.imgur.com/Ofq13W5.png
  12. Just my luck, tried custom skins for FM16 for the first time today and now skins don't work after this update Happy to see these fixes: - Improved defending of full backs who were tucking in inappropriately - Fixed some instances of poor back passes and goalkeepers lack of reaction to them
  13. Ah, I see. How about subscriptions? Edit #20: Actually, how do I change the color of report stars? I'd like to have silver and yellow like on vanilla, not yellow and yellow which is very confusing.
  14. Is it possible to display nation flag in the player profile instead of FA logo? Also how do I access unsubscribe button on inbox items?
  15. As Liverpool, Man City became fierce rivals by fourth season.
  16. Fifth season was better than previous 4 combined. League performance was great, scored the most and conceded the least. Icardi with a record 37 goals. Lost third FA cup final in 5 years. Finally got through the first KO round in the CL and won it Icardi top scorer here as well despite all the rotation and his injury. Going to sell Sakho and Sturridge, probably Henderson too. Only Clyne, Markovic and Coutinho will be left from the original team.
  17. I've sent one of my coaches to improve his license in about 2017, he failed it in 2018 according to his history. Now it's 2020 and I still get messages that he's struggling on his course and needs more time Can he stop trying please?
  18. Got him in 17/18 for £96M + Skrtel, he hasn't disappointed me unlike Gotze.
  19. Are you asking me? Well I managed to win the league in the first season with 78 points thanks to rich clubs failing miserably (top 4 was LFC, Spurs, Everton, Arsenal) and I've been hanging around 60% board confidence ever since haha that's what you get for not quoting Welshace
  20. Started as the lowest possible with stats like 1-2 in personal attributes. Fifth season and players still get the 'felt manager lacked credibility' when I talk to them In this fifth season though the team finally plays some fantastic football. 29 games gone - 81 scored, 24 conceded.
  21. Took my 4.5 seasons to finally unsettle Dybala and get him. But now he's slightly worse than Icardi and I doubt he'll be playing as much as he'd like to.
  22. Enjoying FM16, but I can't stop thinking it is one of the worst ones in terms of UI oversights. Assigning roles: A huge blank area below role and duty description where attributes can easily fit - why not put them on the same page instead of separate tabs. Player instructions: Options to mirror instuctions from one position to another (especially if those are identical like a pair of CMs) or at least to quickly add all 'natural' players to position. News that players were removed from shortlist: FM has ctrl/shift+click support in 99% screens but not here. Why? Very frustrating to readd these one by one. Team reports: So many dropdowns! Considering they also like closing randomly you are losing a lot of time navigating these. Tabs would have been perfect here. There are probably more but I don't remember now.
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