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  1. Am I the only one with these problems? http://i.imgur.com/lJVVOuT.jpg
  2. In the player profile when you hover over status icons they slide down and become unreachable. and also in match tactics screen I can't drag players around? Can't do subs
  3. Wow the best skin so far in my opinion, definitely using it from now on. The one flaw that I immediately noticed is match button (overview/pitch/stats) on the right side which is quite awkward.
  4. I've been adding retired players to staff shortlist our of curiosity and I am wondering what are the main guidelines for AI manager hirings? In general I think AI chairmen don't look at manager's stats at all. Here's a woeful manager of Germany - http://i.imgur.com/z7vd00s.png Shane Long somehow keeps getting jobs http://i.imgur.com/6WqMXaR.png while it took much better Eddie Howe 3 years to find a job. Decently rated Carragher http://i.imgur.com/4iy0OWM.png retired after being unemployed for 4 years Papadopoulos was hired as Olympiacos manager despite being terrible and inexperienced http://i.imgur.com/aOchaLd.png How to justify some of these things?
  5. Different clubs, different nationalities, but I didn't express my interest in signing him.
  6. I just found a player in Bayer Leverkusen who thinks my goalkeeper (at Liverpool) is a good player. Is this a bug?
  7. At least you have an option to expand Me and many other got new stadiums with expansion capacity lower than current capacity.
  8. Well I suppose I beat the game. Never managed to dominate as much as I do in FM16 before. Even with my strongest teams I usually managed to win the CL once every 3-4 years, but now I won it 4 times in a row.
  9. Having as many poor back passes from CBs to GKs resulting in goals as in 16.1. Only now these are headers and used to be ground passes.
  10. Wow that's a shame. Thanks. Is it possible to do this without losing all instructions?
  11. All of my regens constantly switch between 2 hairstyles, any idea why?
  12. Sort of similar thing, in match > %team% stats where you can see every player's stats my sorting is messed up. It goes GK RW DM CB LW AM CB RB CM ST LB How do I sort this properly?
  13. Thanks, do I also need to create 'normal' size since there's only small and large?
  14. What change should I make to display actual flags in player profiles and international fixtures instead of federation logos?
  15. I need those post match and overview stats xmls! Mind sharing if the skin release is not soon?
  16. Same result with a regen from Real Madrid - value 10m, listed for 6m, same result with transfer Ozil (and no he's not at Arsenal so it's not the case of not selling to rivals) - value 1.3m, listed for 1.3m - won't accept 1.2m. Maybe AI just hates me? Many times I've seen a good player being bought for 10m rising to 25m, I decide to bid as well and even offers of 25m upfront are negotiated to 40m.
  17. Go wild - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/337560/lfc.rar I made a separate thread originally but it was removed and my post was put here, so don't blame us Exactly. He wouldn't say, no, as you are rich the price is now £40. Yet somehow people believe that when AI do that it's perfectly logical. And finally here's a video of me negotiating with your foolproof method of going low first etc [video=youtube;LV2PbJsaGXw] Same result so please stop talking nonsense about how it's possible to get transfer listed players even 1% cheaper than their selling price. It is not possible in my experience. Be it transfer listed by request or club wants to get rid, be it asking price lower than his value or vice versa etc. Still the main point of my original post was that transfer centre UI needs a few additions.
  18. This is ridiculous. When you see a lot on ebay with buy it now price of 10 quid and you offer 9.5, if the seller in return demands 15 quid you'll call him an idiot and forget about his item. Also I didnt back out of any negotiations, you can take a look at my screens again. I don't know how to explain some of the posts here. I posted an issue about terrible UI and it got blown out of proportions claiming I don't understand how AI works (yes guys, offering me 500k for a 5m player 20 times in a row is a great AI negotiating logic! AI which would accept 25m gets mad at 24.5m offer and refuses to negotiate is realistic! Pinnacle of AI scripting right here!).
  19. Do you play FM? You would know that it pisses AI off and they won't 'live' negotiate with you and will respond in a week with a 40m demand.
  20. For Welshace and EuskalHerria: Went for a random transfer listed player on my shortlist http://i.imgur.com/p3r3phn.jpg 1 - his transfer price, 35.5 2 - I offered 35, should be easy peasy according to transfer gurus, they respond with 38.5 + 20% 3 - I remove those clauses, they respond with non-negotiable 38.5m Second player is even better http://i.imgur.com/W4e8yRL.jpg
  21. Ok our opinions differ on this. However the main point of my post is that the UI is atrocious and annoying AI only aggravates the issue. I extremely rarely go for transfer listed players but when I do (transfer listed youngsters from my shortlist) - I can never get even a 5% price drop. Do you want my save game and try for yourself?
  22. Where did I admit he's no good first of all? Secondly this happens with everyone (nevermind the fact that most of these issues are UI related and player quality is irrelevant), be it a useless 5k player or a 50m superstar. As for the bidding, I wonder if you noticed but you can never (at least in my experience) buy a transfer listed player for even a $1 cheaper than his club's asking price.
  23. I buy and sell a lot of players and UI (along with AI) is infinitely frustrating. Some examples: a) I offer my player for 5m, get 20 offers worth 2.5m. I want to bulk negotiate them from the transfer centre, click on the respond to offers button but the option to negotiate is not there. Why? Because one of those 20 offers is non-negotiable and I have to check them one by one to find it Is it that hard to add like a lock or something to indicate which ones are non-negotiable? Or at least add the option to decline all non-negotiable or negotiate all suitable offers? b) I offer my player for loan and obviously want him to play first team football. I get 30 offers. 28 of those are 'cover for first team'. Why does AI even bother me with these? Same with wages. There must be an option to offer players on non-negotiable terms. Alright, I go to transfer centre but uh oh! There's no quick way to accept first team loan offers or reject all bench player offers. I have to do it one by one c) Why isn't there a default option for rejecting/accepting offers? I have to disable this feature completely because of that popup asking 'Why do you reject this offer?' for every single offer. d) Staff responsibilities options should be expanded. While I do enjoy letting my staff accept loan offers during the season, I have to disable it because during open transfer windows the AI loses its head.
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