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  1. Have to say, still going strong after the update. I'm Leyton Orient, won the conference, then won League 2, then the update came and im top of League 1 after about 15 games. No money spent (what money?!), just some loans and free signings, my hardest thing is I want to stay loyal to my original players but sometimes the head must lead the heart and I must drop them.
  2. Many thanks. Will look. Yeah Aguero was 33 I think but free so worth a punt. Will get searching. Most my goals come from Yarmolenko on the right wing but have a youth player pushing him for a start now. Wilshire and Gronli looking good in midfield. Marin left wing. A
  3. Hi Mr R. Love the tactic, been using it at West Ham and consistently in the top 6. Had to ballance the books (forced to sell Rice and Oxford and then Goretzka after 1 season) before I can mount a title challenge. Struggle to get anything out of a striker, what do you look for? I'm about to start my 4th season. Have tried Sturidge and Aguero recently but at best I get 7 or 8 goals a season. Have a product of my youth academy playing at the moment but again with about the same return.
  4. Same issue here. Kept telling me I’d qualified and now new season and I’m not in it. Also after finishing 7th.
  5. How did you get more loans in? I've started a Newcastle game and cant get any more domestic loans as 2 already (Kennedy and Rondon)
  6. I got it working, was my mistake, copied the panels over from FM18 but didnt create a folder called "match", all working now. Thanks.
  7. Any way to get this working on FM19 please Michael? I've downloaded the base skin and then i tried copying the panels over from FM18, but nothing. Thanks.
  8. I've copied all the panels over from FM18 but I cant get the match screen to how I had it in FM18, any ideas? With pitch selected I just get given the default and now drop down menus or ability to change size of columns etc
  9. Ware FC. Pitch type is listed as GRASS but Ware now have a 4 G pitch
  10. Will you be testing this at lower league level Mr Rosler? Will be starting at Orient soon and had success with Everton with Oathbreaker
  11. Thanks. Sandro on the left and Calvert-Lewin on the right have done the job so far, both now full internationals
  12. Mr Rosler. Using your tactic at Everton, switched to the new version about halfway through the season (does seem more consistent than the original). Finished 7th (injuries to strikers stopped me getting top 4) but managed to win the Europa League, so I'd say successful. Thank you.
  13. ah, its the dark one i use haha. Opened in notepad and its just one big block of text, last years was all nice and neatly laid out, not really sure where to paste it.
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