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  1. I switched to Steriod Abuse for my 3rd season in charge of Newcastle and it took me to the tittle. Switched to this one for the 4th season, with a good squad suitable for the tactic and James Wilson providing the goals, finished 3rd for the next 2 seasons, decent runs in europe but no silverware, strengethed my squad a little for this season but nowhere near as effective, struggling in 12th coming up to December.
  2. I've started as Sheffield Wednesday and using these tactics, after 6 months, I'm yo-yoing between 2nd and 6th which I'm very happy with, had a few injuries to deal with and lost both Forestierei and Bus at the same time, now both back and scoring the goals to hopefully fire me into the Premier League, with the aid of Ryan Gauld on loan, playing just in behind them.
  3. More from my Palace game, after initial improvements with the 451 lower league, it was short lived and i lost 8 straight in a row (with a fully fit squad), then went back to the 4411 but no change, hanging on to my job by a thread now.
  4. 2nd Season with Palace, switched to the 4411 but it didnt work for me, Clough couldnt buy a goal and my wide midfielders nowhere near as effective, found myself in the relegation zone in November so switched back to the 451 lower league tactic and have been steadily climbing the table again, back in with a shot of europe.
  5. I've got a feeling someone has already signed him, but will double check tomorrow and make a move if i can.
  6. My feedback after finishing the first season with Crystal Palace in 7th place. I used the standard Testudo but did go on a terrible run of 2 wins from 12, which ended my (unrealistic) title hope, then switched to the Lower league version with the Treq after the patch, which saw my results improve. Main problems were keeping Bolasie and Zaha fit, both keys players. Striker is priority in the summer, eyes on Woodrow at the moment.
  7. Which key attributes due you look for when searching for a Treq please?
  8. My feedback, for what its worth. Using the Standard (a) tactic. Im Crystal Palace and played about 14 games so far and I'm joint top with Arsenal (they have far better goal difference). Bolasie and Zaha are outstanding. Chamakh does ok upfront. Only lost twice, 2-1 to liverpool in the first game and then tore apart 6-1 by Man Utd at Old Trafford.
  9. Wow Braintree really blew up there!
  10. It might be an ISP issue. I couldnt download at work via BT but at home via Sky it worked fine.
  11. On my game with Chelsea, when planning was granted (2nd season i think) it told me in the news that it will be the Lampard Arena, 55,000(ish) seats, roof and ready in 2018.
  12. Im using V3 and I would say it gives me realistic results, which is what I would want from a tactic. After my ill-spent tenure at West Ham, i resigned near the bottom of the championship and then took over at Hull at the start of the next season, after their relegation (start of 3rd season). Won the championship at the first time of asking using v3 all season. Currently in Feb, back in the premier league and sitting in 13th which, with my squad is where I would hope to be.
  13. Great thread!!! Im currently managing Orient, finished first season in 2nd, behind Wolves on the last day but happy with promotion. Very limited funds in the championship so gone for frees and loans but still hard to attract anyone. Lost first game 2-1 away to Leeds. Will report back.