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  1. i cant wait to see results of your latest tactics when testing resumes after summer break! I've been playing with west ham for a while using 343 lpool104 and finish first season (2020) with them 6th, despite top clubs has best players in the world
  2. Pilgrimage versions of your tactics Knap seem to be really good. Which one of these you prefer to be used in Premier League?
  3. I started in Bulgarian First League with team that is predicted to finish 6th. Won the league using Pilgrimage 4231 and switching to 451 against strong teams or in away games. Lost 4:0 to Celtic away and won 4:1 at home on playoffs for entering Champions League. Really enjoy playing style of that tactic. Only issue i got is behavior of my fullbacks when other team attack, i concede goals from corners and crosses. My summary for those two tactics is that they are really enjoyable to watch and really stable. I will continue play to see how my team will perform following season and will update my results. Cheers!
  4. Im using 4231 version, so i changed ST role to AF and its better now. I agree, 343 is the best formation tactic for FM18, but i want something different. I prefer to struggle a bit, but to play with something that is not so most common. I really like the football is coming out of my team right now!
  5. Hey @knap can you give me advice, what kind of striker is best for that formation. Im playing with West Ham right now and im really enjoying that tactic, PILGRIMAGE version are so good so i decided to try something different. My team is promising and plays so good football, but player like Javier Hernandez - Chicharito is not scoring at all. Should i changed his role or i need to find better striker that fits better?
  6. oh im gonna try it for sure! nice stats by the way
  7. I know this is Dinamo Kyiv, but stats my team did are pretty amazing.
  8. I agree with some of feedbacks about standard version, performance of the team is really stable and scoring is great. Regarding attacking version i think stronger teams can be real beasts with it. Its great to see 433 tactic among all these 352 and 3412!
  9. Piaz88 use contain against bigger clubs, other option against stronger teams is standard mentality. Otherwise play with attacking mentality against equal or weaker teams. It's all up how your team will react using different mentality, sometimes i don't change it and i win. So use it wisely and have fun!
  10. Knap latest two variations - Blue Matter and Flying V show pretty amazing goal scoring stats.
  11. Finished first season with Sheff Wed - media prediction 7th.
  12. 433 formations with and without strikers of Blue Matter are performing sooo good. I've been playing with 433 and as soon as i saw strikeless version i switched, at my first game i had 7 CCC lol and i stopped counting how many real chances my strikers had except 5 goals they scored. Every single shot to opposition was highlighted as a key moment. Thats something very good and beautiful play!
  13. I used to play with Bournemouth, i had a game against Chelsea and i read here to switch against bigger teams to standard mentality and i won 4:5. That tactic has huge potential even with low-table teams, great job Knap!
  14. Switched to this version of the tactics and i beat every team i played so far with Sheffield Wed, really enjoy style of play. Here is a screen with my results:
  15. Finished my first season with Boro and overachieved so much i've never thought it's possible. Started the season with 4231CF and in December i switched to AF upfront. Amazing style of play and performance as well!
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