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  1. Bradders87

    FM11 youtube goals thread

  2. I'm running a database down to level 8 and I'm the Crystal Palace manager, I'm guessing the former must be the reason why that has happened. Mea culpa and all that.
  3. Dougie Freedman is in the reserves at Crystal Palace and his position is a goalkeeper. Words fail me.
  4. I'm having a serious problem with Match Day Expenses on Football Manager. I am currently Carshalton in Blue Square Premier but last season I was deducted 10 points because I went in to administration. I don't normally take a look at the financial report but this time I did to see what was wrong. It turned out I was losing 28k a month and 26.5k was from match day expenses. How do I keep match day expenses down to a good level? I'm inside my wage budget and have spent nothing on transfers and the other 1.5k I was losing was from staff wages which is no real problem but the way I am going next season I am going to go in to administration again.
  5. Bradders87

    dafuge's FM09 challenge

    I have installed the patch (I'm on the 9.2 patch) to enable proper player names (I think it does) and I join Carshalton and not a single name is right. The most likely outcome is that I have put it in the wrong place or I need to enable it or something, any tips to get the right players or does the patch not do that? I hope you can undersrand what I am saying, cheers for any help.
  6. Bradders87

    A few DB Questions....

    Hi all, Firstly, is there such a thing as a DB which includes the Isthmian League as playable? I would like to be able to play as my local team, Carshalton. Finally does anyone have a World/Super League DB which includes the top teams in the world in a tiered system? Any help would be much appreciated, cheers. (NOTE: I hope this is the right section- I don't see why not)
  7. Just started this save, haven't won after the first three league matches despite bringing in Belleti, Emerson and Kierisson (spelling?) in, I had a mass clear out and I am currently playing 3-5-2 with Navarro, Ferdinand and Chimbonda really doing the business and absolutely flooding the midfield to grind out results and I am relying on Heskey at the moment and he is unhappy because I bought Kierisson in despite playing every game so far and not scoring (and you wonder why I won't play you!)