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  1. It's been mentioned a few times, but i'd definitely like to see more made of cup finals and actually winning trophies.
  2. Both Orlando City and NYCFC are in this year's game, but they don't start play until the 2015 MLS Season.
  3. Unfortuneately, you wont be able to edit the league as it is. In order to set foreign player limits, you'll have to recreate the Premier League and set player limits that way.
  4. No, the salary cap is hard coded into the game and there is no way of removing it and keeping all the unique rules of MLS intact. The only way to play in America without any restrictions would be to create your own American league or go to the Editor's hideaway and download one of the databases that have been made by other users.
  5. A few more ideas: 1) If you withdraw players from a national squad it would be a nice addition if you could explain why the player has been withdrawn for example just back from injury, need you fresh for the next club game etc. 2) Along the same lines of what I said above, perhaps ask a national manager not to include one or a number of your players.
  6. This is more of an editor improvement than an actual gameplay improvement, sorry if this has already been suggested in an earlier post or if this isn't the right place for editor suggestions. When creating a new league system in the editor, it would be nice if users to create promotion criteria IE set stadium requirements that must be met if a team is to be promoted.
  7. For the naming rights, you'll have to edit that in on the club finances, to do that go to the finances section for Spurs and then go to the income part and then you'll be able to edit in the information how you like it, you'll also be able to choose the start date and end date for the stadium naming rights. Hope that helps.
  8. Create the stadium in the editor and have the build date as 2015 or 2016. then in the stadium tab under Tottenham club information, select the new stadium tab and then edit the leave dates and move in dates to match what you want.
  9. I would also be interested to know the progress. Having read your description, am looking forward to playing it.
  10. Not that I can remember in any of the last few editions of FM.
  11. When a player gets taken off injured mid game, would be a nice to be able to see a preliminary physio report. This could also be applied if a player has a minor i njury and the manager has to decide whether to keep the player on.
  12. Have seen this mentioned in a few posts, i would also like to see a virtual trophy presentation after winning the league or a cup competition. Would be a nice addition.
  13. It would be nice to actually be able to win red card appeals!! Don't think i've ever won an appeal against a red card in this year's Fm at all. Also, not sure if this was in FM or one of the old CM games, but an option to speak to the FA about the standard of refereeing.
  14. Finally managed to download it, thanks for uploading it somewhere else mate, I've never had that issue downloading off gamefront before. Always fancied trying a game as the Cosmos, so was delighted to see you'd created this!!
  15. Getting the same screen in Firefox as well mate, nothing seems to happen when I tried it with safari.
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