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  1. Full-backs taking throw-ins are often caught offside when a teammate makes a one-touch pass back to him. On average, this happens 3-4 times per match for both teams, way more frequently than reality where this kind of mistakes should only happen once per several matches.
  2. The injury problem in 19.0.3... It really sucks. My beta save has been ruined.
  3. Great to be back on track. Several problems/suggestions as to the UI: 1. Respective left/right foot ability is no where to be found. 2. Position side preference (e.g., "Prefers left when in a pair of two") has to be viewed in a hovering fashion, which is inconvenient. 3. I guess there still should be some refactoring work on the "Profile", "Attributes", and "Information" panels of players. How about combining them into two panels, one focusing on football matters (Attributes, Positions, etc.), and the other focusing on personal info (Nationality, Languages, etc.). If t
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