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  1. Basically, when I clicked the 'Download to PC' link, it gave me the choice of 'Open' or 'Save'. I chose Open and waited about 45 mins to download and then it says it doesn't regonise the program and you have to choose from a list or the web will find it but fails too. Is there a way to sort out this problem? Also, I use XP of that helps.
  2. Hey Guys, Posted a question yesterday but didnt get answered but hell hey. If one of the 'clever guys' (Steve Cox etc.) can help that would be much appriciated. I have gone onto the link for the bittorrent and says Internet Explorer cannot view the page, yesterdayt it was just blank. Rapidshare to be honest are just scammers who Im not risking going through. Do you have a solution?
  3. Personally, I think rapidshare are a bunch of money-grabbing scammers
  4. Hey Guys, Ive just gone to download it via bittorrent and i click on the pc link. it goes onto the page but nothing happens, just a blank page. What do i do???