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  1. Messi has set the world record for a goals in a single calendar year, with a grand total of 91, beating the previous all-time best set in 1972 by Germany and Bayern's Gert Müller, who got 85. The Argentinian got 79 goals for Barça and another 12 for his national team. Not really that far off reality.
  2. Thinking I'll be starting off at Bloomfield Road and trying to get those Seasiders back into the Premier League. Quite fancy a game with RB Salzburg as well, enjoyed a game with them a few years ago when they had Keita playing for them.
  3. First season with United and Juan Mata has won the Ballon D'Or, World player of the year and Footballer of the year, he is my top scorer, top assister, top average rating and most Man of the Matches, what a man! Still unbeaten in the league, Semi's of the Carabao Cup but got beat by Leicester in 3rd round of the FA Cup. Will post some screenshots later on. Only signings I've made is Mertens and got Goretzka coming in on a free in the summer.
  4. I noticed the corner thing as well but as soon as I set up my own corner routines they work well, the players default to go forward, when you change them to attack far Post, attack from deep etc it makes a massive difference!
  5. His actual release clause is €28 million active from next summer I think!
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