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  1. Try getting customers to social distance in a supermarket, that went out of the window as soon as masks were mandated. The great British public
  2. Shame it'll be a drab encounter as Wolves/United games always are.
  3. That's how I got mine they've done it all the way through for some reason
  4. Pre ordered one of those myself, looks great!
  5. Wreckfest was on xCloud when I was in the beta programme months ago, surprised its taken this long to come to full fat gamepass
  6. Really need to give it a go if I can drag myself away from that Destiny 2 grind.
  7. I have fallen down the Destiny 2 rabbit hole over the past month, makes hours disappear.
  8. One of my mates, 32, is an adult with learning difficulties, ie he's on the autism spectrum, he also had a brain tumour as a toddler and he just had his first jab this afternoon. Seem to be rattling through the different groups here in South Cumbria.
  9. https://shop.ee.co.uk/add-to-plan That's the link but they're performing maintenance at the moment.
  10. Series S and extra controller at the moment, it's a tenner up front then £30 a month for a year. They will do the Series X and PS5 when they are more available too.
  11. If you're on EE they have them in stock and you can add it to your contract and pay it off over a year.
  12. The fact this can be brought in without parliamentary scrutiny doesn't sit right with me even if it is the right thing to do.
  13. If you enjoyed it that's all that matters
  14. I've done Ronaldo purely to have a first owner CR7 for the first time. I'm sure a lot will do the same.
  15. It takes around 5 hours to get going, can be hard going to be honest but it gets pretty good!
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