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  1. Welbeck19

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    Natalya will interfere in the Nia-Rousey match setting up that feud, WWE booking by the numbers.
  2. My mate won the Racing Post competition to own 5%. He's like a giddy schoolkid about tomorrow.
  3. Welbeck19

    Far Cry 5

    Far Cry 4 could be finished in around 15 minutes. Should I stay or should I go.
  4. Welbeck19

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Just started playing Persona 5 and the first 5 hours have flown by. Why has it taken me so long to give this a go, it's great!
  5. Welbeck19

    PlaYEr UnKNoWnseSes Battlegrounds thread!

    When he first went live he had 325k viewers
  6. Welbeck19

    'Sickest' Game Ever...

    I had a copy of that back in the day along with a alpha version of the first PS1 Smackdown game with all the debug menus active. Good Times.
  7. Welbeck19

    The OTF Video Game of the Year 2017 - Results Incoming!

    Zelda is the standout for me, pretty much the reason I had to get a Switch day one and it didn't disappoint!
  8. Asda sell eshop cards or at least they do in my store. Might be worth checking if you have a store near you.
  9. First season with United and Juan Mata has won the Ballon D'Or, World player of the year and Footballer of the year, he is my top scorer, top assister, top average rating and most Man of the Matches, what a man! Still unbeaten in the league, Semi's of the Carabao Cup but got beat by Leicester in 3rd round of the FA Cup. Will post some screenshots later on. Only signings I've made is Mertens and got Goretzka coming in on a free in the summer.
  10. Welbeck19

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    I'm enjoying using Mkhitaryan at RF, averaging a goal a game
  11. I noticed the corner thing as well but as soon as I set up my own corner routines they work well, the players default to go forward, when you change them to attack far Post, attack from deep etc it makes a massive difference!
  12. Welbeck19

    FM18: Hidden Gems

    His actual release clause is €28 million active from next summer I think!
  13. Welbeck19

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Running with these 4 squads at the moment, really enjoying the ligue 1 team though, Samassa is a beast in goal and Pogba is great at the back. 50% of these players are untradeable.
  14. Welbeck19

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Normally after 6pm on the Thursday so should be today. I haven't touched UT online this year, only online I play is seasons and as the pace is slower it's alot of fun.
  15. Welbeck19

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    2 player gold upgrade SBC pack paying out nicely so far this Fifa. Had Dembele from Spurs and Sane today too.